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Husband's affair exposed on live radio in brutal exchange with wife

Husband's affair exposed on live radio in brutal exchange with wife

She exposed his extra-marital antics

Affairs almost always come to a dramatic end, but one husband's infidelity caused quite the stir after it was exposed live on the radio in an exchange with his wife.

The woman laid bare her husband's extra-marital antics after appearing on a radio programme alongside him.

She had gone on the show to open up about a 'disagreement' she was having with her now ex-husband before dropping the major bombshell.

A clip posted to TikTok has since made its rounds across social media and, according to Briefly, the woman claimed her husband was unfaithful to her with several people, including her own brother.

She said she had walked in on her husband 'playing an adult game with her brother' which was the 'last straw' for her.

"I caught them red-handed," the woman added, leaving her husband absolutely stunned by the whole ordeal.

In other dysfunctional relationship news, a 49-year-old man has defended his relationship with his daughter’s 23-year-old friend after receiving backlash from his family.

Joni Wilcox's 'heart sunk to her stomach' after she made the shocking discovery that her father, David, started dating her friend, Gina.

Gina, who is 26 years David's junior, went on to fall pregnant with his baby - something that seemed to only add fuel to the fire.

The woman caught her ex-husband 'red-handed'.
Douglas Sacha / Getty Images

Speaking on an episode of Dr. Phil, Joni explained: "I feel betrayed and disrespected by both of them, it feels like a slap in the face."

A handful of months after Gina's introduction to David, they began dating, with Joni claiming she was a 'gold-digger' who wanted to 'build herself a better life'.

However, Gina explained she was 'making her own money' and that Joni had allegedly exaggerate just how close they were.

She added: "I don't wake up and think about these people every morning, so why are they thinking about me? Joni is making these assumptions that I'm using her father for money, and it really does p*ss me off.

"His money is not why I want to be with him. Our relationship, it's healthy, it's fun."

David admitted he has previously gone for women a lot younger than him and confessed about knowingly making his child uncomfortable after asking out her friends from her softball team.

He told Dr. Phil: "I've dated younger women but when there's a connection between a man and woman the age shouldn't matter. Gina and I have a great relationship, even though there is an age gap.

"I agree that there should be a boundary there to not date her friends. But I also want to continue living my life romantically with someone that I’m with."

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