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Woman who flew to Egypt after her divorce was engaged again 10 days later

Woman who flew to Egypt after her divorce was engaged again 10 days later

Gina is now living 'the happiest life she's ever lived'

A woman's decision to travel to Egypt after her divorce ended up changing her life completely as she got engaged again just 10 days later.

Warning: Contains brief mention of domestic abuse:

It's natural to want a bit of a change after a breakup, whether that means cutting your hair, refreshing your wardrobe or getting a change of scenery.

TikTok user Gina, who is from Puerto Rico, opted for the latter after her divorce as she decided to fulfil a longtime dream of travelling to Egypt.

In January 2022 she hopped on the plane by herself with plans to meet a tour guide at the airport, but ended up getting delayed when her luggage got lost.

She called the guide to inform them she'd be late, and they assured that someone would be there to meet her when she was ready.

"I remember going through customs [...] and all I see is this tall-a** Egyptian man waiting for me," Gina said in a TikTok video.

"[He] wasn't even supposed to be my guide at the beginning."

Gina always planned to travel with a tour guide in Egypt.

During her trip, Gina and the guide, Abdel, ended up becoming 'the bestest of friends' - but their relationship wasn't just platonic.

She continued: "In the 10 days that we were there he asked me to marry him, and I said yes."

The pair went long-distance for a few weeks after Gina returned home, but three months later she went back to Egypt to officially tie the knot with her new love.

Almost two years on, Gina and Abdel now own a travel business through which they offer tours to tourists across Egypt.

"That very small decision that I had about going to Egypt led me to the happiest life I've ever lived," Gina said.

Gina and Abdel now run a tour company together.

Abdel, from Sohag, Egypt, has previously told The Mirror that he and Gina have received backlash as people think he 'just married her for the green card or visa', but Abdel has made clear this is 'completely wrong'.

"I earn a good income, I can travel already, and I have to stay in Egypt because I'm an Egyptologist - an expert in Egyptian history," he explained.

Thankfully the pair have also received some more positive responses to their story, with many TikTokers left amazed after Gina opened up online.

Many viewers have insisted that she and her husband were meant to be, with one person commenting: "The universe was telling you that you needed to go there and timed it perfectly."

Another added: "Egypt was calling you all this time to meet your hussbaaand!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ginacue_

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