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Couple haven't had sex for 15 years after wife made intimate confession

Couple haven't had sex for 15 years after wife made intimate confession

Every relationship has it's ups and down, but one couple has avoided the bedroom for nearly two decades

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but hopefully not to this extent.

One couple reportedly hasn’t had sex in over a decade after the wife made an intimate confession about the relationship.

Having held on to this secret for 15 years, the husband revealed all in an anonymous post on X.

The husband made the startling confession on social media.

It actually makes for pretty heartbreaking reading, with the stranger sharing the intimate confession via the popular account, Fesshole.

He wrote: "About 15 years ago my wife told me she didn't want to have intercourse with me anymore.”

While we don’t know the circumstances surrounding her decision, it seems to have come as a total shock to her other half.

Continuing, her husband added: “She saw my devastated expression and said, 'We can do other stuff'. Turns out that 'other stuff' means having cups of tea."

Though she obviously has a right to choose, we can’t help feeling sorry for her husband and wonder why they’d decided to stay married for so long after the shock confession.

It seems many other X users did too, as the post has gotten over 1.8 million viewers on the app with many sharing similar issues in their marriage.

Some users encouraged the husband to get a divorce.

Reacting to the post, one man revealed that he and his wife had a similar discussion which resulted in them having an open marriage.

He explained: “Had that same conversation about 9 years ago. Have had a girlfriend as well for the last 8 years. Both know about each other.

“My wife and I still do 'other stuff' as well though (we both still like tea...)”

Others empathised with the original post, with another adding: “I can’t imagine what that must feel like, so tough.”

A third suggest that the marriage had become loveless, commenting: “Oh mate. If she loved you the way she should, she would enjoy making love to you. We stop wanting to be intimate when the feelings have gone.”

Following the shocking confession, some people encouraged the man to divorce his wife saying that intimacy was part of a marriage ‘contract’.

However, one X user suggested that this might not be wanted or even an option for the former happy couple.

They wrote: “15 years later and you're still together though, either it's true love and you'll stay no matter what or going through a divorce is not an option ever, for a number of reasons.”

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