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People call for child-free weddings after toddler wipes her face on bride’s dress

People call for child-free weddings after toddler wipes her face on bride’s dress

A video of a toddler wiping her face on the bride's dress has sparked outrage on social media

People are calling for child-free weddings after a toddler was filmed wiping her face on the bride's wedding dress.

It should come as no surprise that children often get into some tricky situations and tend to wipe their messy hands and runny noses on things.

But at some unfortunate times, when a napkin isn’t readily available, the person standing closest to the little one just might end up becoming the napkin, regardless of what they’re wearing and how expensive it might have been, or its sentimental value.

This is why so many people seem to be triggered by an adorable video of a little girl who decided to make a bride’s gown her napkin.

A child decided to use a wedding dress as a napkin.

Thankfully, the bride took it in her stride.

The viral video was shared by mum of twins Kristen (@thefoxysaystwins) with the caption: "Do not recommend serving ketchup with the chicken nuggets and fries for the kiddie meal… or just don’t invite kids."

In the video, the little girl can be seen wiping her face on the wedding dress as the bride laughs.

One popular comment, which attracted over 23,000 likes, declared: “No kids at my wedding.”

Kristen, who uploaded the video responded: “Same girl, same!”

Another viewer said: “I wouldn’t blame you.”

“No seriously, maybe an exception of teens but no little kids,” someone else wrote.

While one mum shared: “Yeah my 2 kids will not even be at my wedding I love them but no.”

“And this is exactly why I’m having a child-free wedding,” one woman decided.

The bride seemed to take it in her stride.

“Sending this to all the people who are mad about me not allowing kids at my wedding,” another comment read.

“I would never speak to the kid’s parents again,” someone else penned.

However, not everyone agreed, as one person wrote: “The wife [in the video] is laughing why are y’all losing it.”

Another TikTok user replied: “Guys the bride is chill. No need to ruin the energy in the comments.”

This isn’t the first time the internet has debated about whether children should be allowed at a wedding ceremony.

Last year Reddit users shared their heated reactions after a man said he is refusing to attend his sister’s child-free wedding ceremony.

People have been using the video to show why they don't want children at their wedding.

The man on Reddit said his sister and his best friend are tying the knot in the cabins they used to visit when they were at school.

He said his sister suggested the children should perform their duties at the wedding, but shouldn’t be allowed to attend the reception.

“That means either my wife or I will have to be there with them alone in the cabin while everyone is ‘partying it up’, but wait, I'm the best man and will be conducting the reception so it's just going to be my wife,” he wrote.

The children, who were both under the age of seven, would have to stay in a ‘tiny cabin that is not child proof' at the wedding. The man described the cabin as having ‘barely’ any mobile phone signal and the only ‘source of heat is a fireplace’.

Unfortunately his sister and best friend ‘are not conceding or willing to compromise’ even after he offered to attend their wedding ‘completely child-free and leave the kids behind’ which has left him feeling ‘p****d’.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thefoxsaystwins

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