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Woman Baffled After Ex Sends Her Underwear Back By Post - And Asks Her To Pay Postage

Woman Baffled After Ex Sends Her Underwear Back By Post - And Asks Her To Pay Postage

Melissa had the shock of her life when her pants arrived in the post.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A woman was left baffled after she received a pair of knickers in the post - from a man she had been dating over a year ago.

Melissa, 25, from London, was left in utter shock when she received the underwear, which was packed in a brown envelope without a note. To make matters worse, Melissa even had to pay the £2 postage herself.

Melissa was in shock when she received her knickers in the post (

She told Tyla: "We matched on Tinder after I moved to London and ended up seeing each other on and off. It ended because I developed feelings and wanted things to go further, whereas he wanted to keep it casual.

"He started messing with my feelings so I tried to finish it a few times but eventually it came to a final end in January last year.

"Six months later I got a random Snapchat from him, saying 'oh I've still got your pants, do you want them back?' with a wink face. I couldn't believe it!

The knickers arrived with no note (

"I just told him to keep them. I also thought, what has he been doing with them for this long?!

"I didn't think he was even being legit, I thought it was just a way for him to get me over so I just told him how I felt about what he had said."

Melissa received the messages six months ago, and has since changed her address. So, when her former flat mate got in touch to say she'd received a parcel - and also needed to pay the postage - she was left baffled.

Melissa explained he first messaged her about the pants back in August (

"I thought it was something from Depop at first," she explained.

"So I paid the postage and when I opened the parcel I was just in complete shock. I actually screamed; it was the last thing I ever expected. I knew immediately they were from him.

"There wasn't a note. I don't even remember the pants, for all they know they could be someone else's. It was so long ago! I think he must just be really bored in lockdown."

Melissa had been dating him last year (

"I can't believe he made me pay for postage, last time I spoke to him I didn't even have a job so for all he knows I could still be unemployed!

"Also, I haven't seen him for over a year and he must have my address written down somewhere? It's so odd, just nothing for six months and then a creepy reminder he's still there.

Melissa went on to explain that she hasn't spoken to him since receiving the underwear.

"I haven't messaged, my friends have just said ignore him, I don't know why he didn't just throw them out?!"

We just can't get over this!

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