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Man Shows Women With Acrylic Nails How To Defend Themselves

Man Shows Women With Acrylic Nails How To Defend Themselves

Your acrylic nails could get in the way during a vital moment, but one man has the solution.

A man has shared tips for women with acrylic nails to help them defend themselves if they're in danger.

The social media user - who goes by the name @DutchintheUSA on TikTok, and works as a Royal Marine - shared a solution for women who might need to throw a punch, but face hurting themselves thanks to their acrylics digging into their palms.

“In my last video you saw my rolling up my fingers like this to create a fist. Obviously you can’t do that [with acrylics] and it hurts very, very much.” 

He then suggests hitting the person with your palm rather than your knuckles, or with the side of your hand, tucking your fingers halfway in rather the fully curving them round. 

Watch his video to see for yourself:

The TikTokker assured followers that his tips "still work" while not hurting you in the process.

"Bestie this could save your life," wrote one person in the comments, tagging a female friend.

While another branded the video "information I didn’t know I needed".

A third replied: "I was going to be a bit eye-rolly, but then I thought, while a lot of people know how to get around nails, a lot also don’t and it’s the act of a genuine ally to put the nails on and demonstrate. They’re also helpful techniques if you hurt your knuckles with a first punch".

The TikTok user showed how to throw a punch (

"I am delighted that he put them on both hands even though he didn’t need to. 10/10 for commitment to the part," said someone else.

On his TikTok, the man in question actually has tonnes of self defence and personal safety videos, which you might find useful.

The marine showed how to avoid hurting yourself (

In one, he explores five ways to stay safe on a first date, with tips including sharing your location with others and picking a spot which is familiar to you.

You can watch that here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @DutchintheUSA

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