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Pet Owners Are Sharing Unflattering Pics Of Their Dogs In Hilarious New Social Media Challenge

Pet Owners Are Sharing Unflattering Pics Of Their Dogs In Hilarious New Social Media Challenge

The Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge sees people share hilarious photos of their pooches.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A new social media challenge is picking up wind online - and we guarantee it's the funniest thing you'll see today.

Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge does exactly what it says on the tin, seeing pet owners share photos of their pooches pulling hilariously awkward faces.

Dog owners are simply using the hashtag to share photos of their pets looking less than 'gram ready and they are SO good.

There are some absolute CORKERS doing the rounds. Have a browse of a few of our faves...

It's not clear where the trend originated from but it's already seen a fair few unflattering pooch pics go viral.

You can join in with the hashtag online and share your own hilarious dog photos - because we guarantee everyone has at least one classic!

Another social media trend that made an impact recently saw users highlight to fake side of Instagram.

The trend saw users call themselves out by posting side by side snaps to show Instagram versus reality. In some cases, the altered or well angled photos look so unlike the original, it might as well be a different person.

The way we position our clothing can really alter how a photo appears (
Bored Panda/crunknizzle)

One woman showed how by simply changing where she positioned the top of her leggings, she could make her waist and hips appear slimmer and smoother.

Another Instagram vs Reality post saw someone bare their real skin next to her filtered skin to dramatic effect.

Remembering that all isn't always what meets the eye online is a lesson we can all take with us!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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