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People Are Just Finding Out What The 'White Fluff' On Your Hairbrush Actually Is

People Are Just Finding Out What The 'White Fluff' On Your Hairbrush Actually Is

Finally we have answers, and it's pretty gross tbh.

TikTok users have finally got to the bottom of what that weird 'white fluff' on our hairbrushes is. And the answer is a bit gross.

The answer came when TikTok username @glutenfreepretzlesarebae asked the internet what the 'weird white fuzz' on their brush was.

The internet has spoken, and to be honest we'd rather have not known the answer.

The scientific answer confirms that the white fluff is made up of dust, dead skin flakes and sebum amongst other things. Gross.

And it seems we aren't the only ones to be shocked to find this fact out.

One TikTok user responded to the video, commenting: "I thought I was the only one but thanks to tiktok I’m never alone."

Another felt the same, as they said: "YES I WAS SO CONFUSED".

A third had been starting to worry it could be something more serious. "OHH GOOD BECAUSE LATELY IVE BEEN GETTING CONCERNED," they wrote.

One TikTok user asked the question we've all been thinking of... (

As the comments continued, the debate evolved into which brushes were the worst for gathering the white fluff, and more importantly how could they be cleaned.

One TikTok user shared: "i only get this on wet brushes for some reason? i never have w a reg brush. so i stopped using them"

And it seems they weren't the only ones.

As for getting our brushes back to being clean, one user had the perfect trick to avoid the dreaded white fluff, then what can you do?

The white fluff is reportedly made up of a mixture of dust, dead skin cells and hair. (

One helpful commenter said: "Wash your brushes in baking soda and warm water at least every month to prevent that."

Or if you're lazier then you could just buy a brand new one, like this user who wrote: "i literally get a new brush every time it happens bc idk how to clean it."

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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