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Devastated parents both diagnosed with stage four cancer just weeks apart

Devastated parents both diagnosed with stage four cancer just weeks apart

Mike and Laura were diagnosed within weeks of each other.

One Californian family has been left absolutely devastated after mum and dad Laura and Michael were diagnosed with stage four cancer just weeks apart.

Back in February, Laura Tomelloso was told by medics that she had stage four colon cancer, which has since spread to her ovaries.

And just a few weeks later, her husband Michael was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer. Now, the couple and their two young boys Mike Jr, 14, and Matthew, 10, are running out of options.

Laura and Michael were diagnosed with stage four cancer within weeks of each other.

Speaking to ABC7 about the devastating turn of events, Michael's sister, Silvia Mitchell, said: "We knew that between all of us, we would support Michael and fill the shoes as best as possible for Laura."

Silvia explained that, when Michael was also diagnosed, the couple had to decide which of them would 'go first' for treatment, while the other looked after the children.

"It's just a situation no one should be faced with."

Deciding that Laura would go first, she went for a few rounds of chemotherapy and two surgeries while Michael looked after Mike Jr and Matthew, who has special needs.

Then, it was Michael's turn to go for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

While Laura is a retired Department of Justice officer, Michael works as an LAPD Central Traffic Division officer.

That's why the LAPD Central Traffic Division have taken it upon themselves to launch a fundraiser for Michael and Laura's treatments, which are bound to reach extortionate prices.

Laura and Michael had to decide who would 'go first' for cancer treatment.

"During their battle with cancer, which consists of ongoing medical treatments, surgeries and hospitalisations, they have an exhausted challenge in completing simple tasks", read a statement from the LAPD Central Traffic Division.

"They have been relying on friends, neighbours and church members in making life less challenging with their daily tasks and making their medical appointments, and to make Mike Jr. and Matthew's childhood as positive as possible."

One official, Sgt Jeanna Quinones told local news station KTLA that Michael has had to stop working.

"They're both down," she said. "So neither of them can really do anything."

Speaking to KABC about the fundraiser, police officer Bryce Verna said: "Knowing what type of person he is and a family man, he was a Marine and he's been a police officer for over 25 years and been married over 25 years to his wife.

"And to actually have, not one person but, two people go through that it's pretty much lottery odds

The Blue Ribbon trust found account is now up and running, with information on how to donate to the couple's treatment on the LAPD website.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@LAPDCTD24 ABC 7

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