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Parents called out over girl's 'infuriating' and 'unreasonable' Christmas list

Parents called out over girl's 'infuriating' and 'unreasonable' Christmas list

She wrote to Santa through the USPS Operation Santa program

Parents are being called out over a child’s ‘infuriating’ and ‘unreasonable’ Christmas list after it surfaced on Reddit, having prompted a huge debate about what kids should and shouldn’t ask for.

We all know that a Christmas list is more of a wishlist than an actual shopping list, with many of us choosing to aim high when we were little - even if we were aware it was unlikely we’d get a dog or a Lamborghini.

But one kid has sparked a huge conversation online after their requests to Santa proved to be a little too out-there, having asked for several VERY expensive tech items.

The girl wrote to Santa through the USPS Operation Santa program, which sees the US Postal Service invite people to ‘adopt and respond’ to the thousands of letters that are sent to the big guy each year.

Many kids LOVE writing their letter to Santa.

“Letters come from hopeful children and families. Answer one (or many) to make a difference,” the USPS explains on its website.

“No matter how big the wish, do what’s doable for you.”

Participants can either tackle a list by themselves, or team up with co-workers or friends to get everything requested.

One person recently decided to get involved, but was taken aback when she saw what she’d signed up for.

Her boyfriend posted a screenshot of the letter on Reddit, writing: “My GF was looking through these wanting to send a gift to some kid and I assumed these letters that get posted in here are families that can't afford to get the kids something so they use this so their Christmas doesn't suck.

“I'd say 90% of these kids are expecting $500+ gifts and my gf can't afford to send something like that and I assume 90% of the population can't either.

“I feel like if I was asking for help I'd ask for something reasonable there's no way all these ps5s, iPhone/ iPads and Jordans are being bought and sent out.

“How do these parents not get their kids to write something reasonable so they aren't super disappointed when they don't get $500-$2,000 of electronics?”

The list featured:

  1. iPhone 15 Pro Max
  2. AirPods Pro
  3. AirPods Max
  4. iPad Pro
  5. Drawing Projector
  6. Stanley (Blue)
  7. Polaroid Camera
  8. MacBook Computer

Notes from the sender added: "I really want an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

"I really want a MacBook for school."

The little girl's Christmas list.

Naturally, people in the comments had A LOT to say on the matter.

One wrote: “On one hand. I'm mildly infuriated. On the other hand. I used to circle every toy I wanted in the Christmas edition Sears catalog. This could easily be said about me at that age.”

Someone else said: “I’m sad kids don’t want toys anymore, s**t is so sad bro wtf.”

A third added: “Damn… when I was little, I just asked for new shoes and new school uniforms. A ‘MacBook’ wtf.”

But others weren’t quite so judgemental, with one pointing out: “Yeah, this is a WISHLIST from kids who believe in Santa. I can't imagine these kids are going ‘well, the economy is rough right now, I don't think I should drain Santa's available financial resources’.”

Another agreed: “Kids are asking SANTA what they want... not your gf.”

Someone else commented: “Depending on the age, it's not really that bad. I really believed in Santa and listed everything I wanted. Literally. A pony, the entire winter collection for Barbie, a new computer, newest bike I saw at the mall and so on. I thought Santa would be able to make at least some of them for me, so why hold back? Now those tweets of ungrateful teens saying they got 'S**t presents' is where the real rage is.”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Milamai/Getty Images

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