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Woman furious as restaurant charges £5-per-head to bring own birthday cake

Woman furious as restaurant charges £5-per-head to bring own birthday cake

She took to TikTok to vent her frustrations

You will have heard of corkage - but have you ever heard of cakeage?

Now, we all love a good BYOB at a couple extra quid each, but one woman was in for the shock of her life when a restaurant charged her £5-per-head to bring her own birthday cake.

The Aussie, Jules Rangiheuea, was left beyond baffled upon finding out the Sydney eatery tried to get her to cough up 'criminal prices' to bring her own dessert in.

Aussie woman, Jules Rangiheuea, took to TikTok to share her frustration over a restaurant's 'criminal' cakeage charge.

Jules took to TikTok to share with her 20.1k followers a little more about the gateau drama.

"Bloody hell Sydney, since when did we start charging absolutely criminal prices to have cake at a restaurant?" she said began.

Jules went on to explain that the restaurant in question was the 'third' place that said there would be charged a $10 AUD (approximately £5.22) fee per person to eat the cake they brought.

She continued: "I'm so confused, especially the cost of living. Like people are only going out now to celebrate and a lot of celebrations include cake.

"I feel like this is a new thing too because it only just happened to me at the start of September."

Jules added: "We actually brought a cake to (another) restaurant and they told us that we couldn’t have it unless we all wanted to pay a $5-per-head surcharge to have the cake that we brought.

The cakeage charge received some mixed opinions online.

"I know people are gonna say all the fridge sizing and everything — but have fridges changed since six months ago?"

While the TikToker admitted that 'cakeage is fair', she insisted it was not fair at '$10 per person'.

"Do you think if we brought our own paper plates, forks and knife for the cake we could still eat it without any charge at the restaurant?" she then asked.

Jules captioned the short clip: "In my Karen era."

The TikTok has since clocked up more than 25k views with dozens upon dozens of comments from people eager to share their opinions on the matter.

Many were supportive of Jules and were equally outraged by the surplus charge.

One viewer penned: "$10pp cakeage is criminal!!"

"That is out of control!!! $10 per person!" echoed a second.

A third chimed in: "Cakeage fee is all good if they are cutting and serving it up with ice cream but I’d charge like $10 max all up not $10 per person!"

Others, however, totally disagreed with Jules.

One TikTok user stated: "Cakeage is actually pretty standard. It's not only serving, storage etc but it's loss of revenue for you brining in your own. Same as corkage."

Another pointed out: "It’s the fridge sizing - it’s the cutting - the serving - the washing of plates and cutlery. $10 is excessive but I do understand a charge."

"Cakeage is fair and makes sense when you consider you want the staff to serve you and use the cutlery and plate which will need washing up! And napkins!" added a final TikTok user.

What do you make of the cakeage cost?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@julesrangi/TikTok/@julesrangi

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