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Traveller shares six things she doesn’t allow in her home at Christmas

Traveller shares six things she doesn’t allow in her home at Christmas

The TikToker has banned several festive features from her Christmas celebrations

The festive period is officially upon us, and the eagerly-anticipated 'big day' is now less than a week away ("Santa! Oh, my God!").

Whether you're a savvy shopping prepper that's had their perfectly-wrapped gifts under the tree since November, or a Christmas Eve trolly-dasher, the holiday season is undoubtedly one of the most joyous of the year.

It's also a time for tradition, which varies across all ages, all countries, all languages and all communities all over the world each year.

And one member of the travelling community has given her social media followers an insight into some of her family's longest-standing - and arguably controversial - Christmas customs.

In fact, TikToker and traveller Suzy (@cuzinsuzy92) has gone one step further, revealing the six typically-festive features that she does NOT allow in her home at Christmas.

Kicking off her hotly-debated list is one feature that is deemed totally unacceptable under all circumstances - Christmas decorations on the ceiling.

Suzy listed all the Christmas features she can't stand to have in her home.

"Things I don't do at Christmas, and it's just my personal opinion, so if you do them, you know, it's up to you," she started the now-viral video.

"Christmas decorations on the ceiling - I don't like it. It drives me insane. I tried it last year and oh, my god, my brain was all over the shop. Can't stick it."

Secondly, Suzy lists Christmas bedding in the roster of banned items.

"This looks lovely in other people's homes," she explained. "I can't bare it. I don't know why, I've just never felt the need to do it.

"It's lovely if you want to decorate your kids' room for Christmas, blah blah blah, it's just not something I do."

And it's not just decorations on the ceiling that have left Suzy with her blood boiling.

It turns out, she also can't stand festive decor in the kitchen.

The TikToker's admissions have caused much debate in the comment section.

"Now, I see loads of people on here and they've got the most beautiful Christmas decorations - their kitchens are decorated from top to bottom and it looks beautiful," she continued.

"But, for me and my brain, I just wouldn't be able to deal with stuff everywhere. I don't know why, I just have a weird thing about my kitchen.

"Like, I like it set out a certain way with certain things, and I couldn't have all this crazy Christmas all through the kitchen."

Suzy also takes issue with Christmas left-overs, whether that be 'roast dinners or Chinese', being that she 'has to get rid of it'.

"I can't have it lying about the place," she hit out. "And it stinks! All them vegetables and that, they stink! So, they've all got to go.

Suzy claimed she'd never buy fake snow again.

"You're finished eating? Okay, bin it. I can't. Especially the vegetables absolutely stink."

Another item on Suzy's dreaded list is window stickers, revealing she allowed her daughter to have them last year but instantly regretted it.

"I can't stick them," the TikToker confessed. "Honestly, I hate them. I really, really hate window stickers. I would never have them ever, ever again.

"They do your head in, especially the jelly ones. Oh, my god."

She also rules out fake snow, revealing she also tried it last year 'and it was a nightmare'.

Suzy explained: "Nightmare to get off the windows, the window sill, never again."

The TikTok video has since been viewed by hundreds of thousands of users, who took to the comment section to open up on their very own bug bears.

"My Christmas tree comes down Boxing Day I honestly cannot stand it," one admitted.

Another penned: "Tinsel for me I can’t stand it."

"I literally have a Christmas tree, a wreath on my front door, a set of lights and a couple of Christmas's ornaments on my sideboard. That's it. Too much stuff makes me sick," a third explained.

"I am like you with the food though, can't do leftovers!" someone else revealed.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cuzinsuzy92

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