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Teacher sparks debate after sharing list of words banned in classroom

Teacher sparks debate after sharing list of words banned in classroom

The teacher listed 32 words and phrases.

Social media users are divided after a teacher shared her list of banned words and phrases.

Posted on X (formerly Twitter), the list features 32 slang phrases which are no longer allowed.

In fact, the teacher is so serious about the new rule that if any student dares utter one, they'll have to write an essay explaining why they chose to do so.

The list has been circulated online.

The list has been circulating on social media where people have been sharing their views on it.

It reads: "If you are caught using these words, you will write a short essay explaining why you chose to use these words in an academic setting to express yourselves.

"There are many ways to articulate what you need to say without using slang.

"Please know that using slang in an academic setting can diminish your capability to become a successful writer.

"More often than not, the way you speak is the way you will write. The gibberish some of you choose to use is improper English and sometimes inappropriate for an academic setting.

"This is an academic institution, and you will carry yourself as scholars in my classroom."

The list features a number of different words, such as 'bruh', 'nie' and 'rizz' as well as phrases including 'it's giving', 'just vibe', 'period!' and 'big dawg'.

While the majority of the list is made up of slang words, some people were divided on the ban.

One person wrote: "She’s on a power trip & and doesn’t value the language of her students. She is more concerned with compliance than learning about her students, because she does not value her students’ identities."

While another said: "I get where they're trying to go with that but I don't agree with cutting out slang. Language is always evolving and there's more than one way to speak English."

And a third added: "I would be transferring the SAME DAY!"

The list included 32 words and phrases.

Others disagreed, with many sympathising with the teacher.

"I agree with this method (not all of the words though) & i’m not sorry," said one.

"Kids don’t know when to use this language & this will teach them to think before they speak, know time & place for everything, & to respect adults."

While another added: "Seems like a teacher that actually cares to me."

And a third wrote: "Completely agree with it hold yourself to a higher standard."

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