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Sleep expert reveals reasons behind why you dream of being pregnant even if you aren't

Sleep expert reveals reasons behind why you dream of being pregnant even if you aren't

Sleep expert Athena Laz has explained why women who aren't pregnant have dreams of being so.

A sleep expert has explained the reasoning as to why you dream of being pregnant even if you aren't.

Reddit forums and the whole of social media has been flooded with shocked woman who have explained how they have woke up into a sweaty panic after dreaming they are pregnant.

With the amount of posts we have seen over the years, it appears that these dreams are not exactly uncommon, especially for women who are not expecting a child.

The sleep expert has explained the meaning behind your pregnancy dreams.

Despite that, you may have thought to yourself why you have such dreams, luckily dream analyst, Athena Laz, is on hand to provide all the answers.

Writing in a column for Today, Laz penned: "Dreams about pregnancy can have various interpretations depending on the context and personal experiences for the dreamer.

"Generally, dreaming about pregnancy when you’re not actually pregnant could reflect personal growth, transformation, or the anticipation of a significant life change or event that is on the horizon.

"Pregnancy dreams can also symbolise a desire for new beginnings, creativity, or the development of a significant and meaningful idea in your waking life."

She added: "It’s also important to consider the specific details and emotions within the dream to gain a more accurate understanding of its meaning for you personally. Were you happy or sad to find out you were pregnant in the dream? Or weere you just going through the motions?

"How you feel in a dream can offer great insight into how you actually feel on a deeper more significant level."

It is not just dreams about being pregnant than many women are having, but also having a positive pregnancy test.

Just because you're dreaming about being pregnant it doesn't mean you are in real life.

In the same post, Laz spoke about the meaning behind this, she wrote: "Overall, dreaming about a positive pregnancy is generally seen as a positive sign of fertility and transformation — unless you were devastated in the dream to discover that you were pregnant.

"In that case, the dream may be telling you that you feel very unprepared for a new situation that is 'gestating' in your life.

"Like a mother who gestates her baby in the womb, the dreamer is dreaming of a positive pregnancy test but at a time where they feel unprepared to bring forth a 'child' into the world.

"On the other hand, if you were happy to find out about the pregnancy in the dream then it could indicate that you are in a fertile and productive phase, ready to nurture and bring something new into the world. It can also symbolise the desire for emotional fulfilment and the anticipation of a new chapter in your life."

The dream expert finished off that section by explaining that if you are having a positive pregnancy test in a dream, then you may want to take a test in real life just in case.

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