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New mum refuses to let sister into her life after controversial baby name choice

New mum refuses to let sister into her life after controversial baby name choice

The Reddit user had cut her sister out altogether

Telling your friends and family the name you've given to your newborn baby after nine months of anticipation can go one of two ways...

Either they're delighted with your choice - or are at least pretending to be - or they're piping up with their disagreements.

'I knew someone in school called that, she was horrible!'. 'Ew, I once slept with a guy with that name, what a regret!'. Thanks guys, very helpful.

But for one poor woman in America, her sister's hurtful verdict on the name she'd given to her newborn baby daughter was enough to warrant being cut out of their lives altogether.

It wasn't that the sister hated her name choice, however, it was that she'd stolen it herself... let's go back to the beginning.

Taking to Reddit, the 30-year-old anonymous disgruntled mother revealed that she and her 28-year-old sister Kelly discovered they were expecting at around the same time.

Having gotten pregnant first, and having had her 'dream' baby name choice set in stone since she was a child, she wasn't worried about her sister stealing her spotlight.

The Reddit user said her sister had always tried to compete with her.
Getty/Compassionate Eye Foundation/Natasha Alipour Faridani

"Ever since we were kids, she would always try to copy or one up me," she penned. "For example: In school, she’d join every club or sport I was in and try to “beat” me at it (debate, chess, tennis, etc).

"Kelly would always throw it in my face that she had 'better friends' than me, which really meant she was in with the popular crowd while I preferred to be friends with people that I actually liked."

Anyway, back to the baby story.

The writer revealed she'd always loved the name Josephine, and that her entire family - sister included - knew she intended to use that name when she welcomed her first child.

Two weeks later, however, the woman claims her sister announced would be naming her incoming baby girl Josie.

"I called her up to ask if she was really going to name her baby the same name as mine, and she smugly said that I was free to change my baby’s name because she hadn’t been born yet, never mind that she was less far along than I was," she went on.

The writer confronted her sister over her baby name choice.

Thankfully, the writer and her partner stuck to their guns and later gave birth to their baby Josephine, sticking her name on the birth certificate.

"I told Kelly bluntly that I was calling her bluff, and she told me that she wasn’t bluffing, and that I was free to change my baby’s name or else there would be two JoJo’s in the family," she admitted.

"I called her a huge narcissist and told her that she wasn’t welcome in my baby JoJo’s life if she went through with stealing my JoJo’s name."

Despite her pleas, two weeks later, Kelly gave birth to a daughter, taking to social media to welcome her own little 'JoJo' into the world.

The infuriated writer revealed she didn't reach out to her sister following her niece's birth, believing she 'shouldn’t stress her out'.

She went on to disclose, however, that Kelly had eventually reached out - when the original 'JoJo' turned six months - asking to meet her.

The writer claimed she asked her if she'd changed her own baby's name, 'and she confusedly said no'.

The new mum is refusing to let her sister visit her daughter.
Getty/Sod Tatong

"I reminded Kelly of what I’d told her back before our babies had been born, and she called me an 'unreasonable b***h'," she continued. "Now the whole family is up in arms against me for not letting my sister meet her niece."

Naturally, the post triggered uproar in the comments, with the vast majority siding with the writer over her family feud.

"Not the a*****e," one insisted. "This seems like the last straw for your relationship. Why would you let that crazy woman around your daughter?

"She is just trying to set up the sibling competition 2.0"

Another went on to advise her: "I would tell the parents there will be no family events if she's invited.

"Raise your JoJo, let her have a strong relationship with dad's family and invite your parents for supervised visitation in your home so that Kelly can't be sprung on you."

A third added: "Tell your family you're done with the constant competitions, and since they didn't put a stop to it when you were kids, you're putting a stop to it now, before Kelly passes it on to the next generation."

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