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Mum left raging as 12-year-old daughter's 'disrespectful' friend always overstays her welcome

Mum left raging as 12-year-old daughter's 'disrespectful' friend always overstays her welcome

A mum has taken to the internet to complain about her daughter's friend who steals her 'expensive shampoo' and stays over for days.

A mum has expressed her rage as her 12-year-old daughter’s ‘disrespectful’ friend routinely overstays her welcome.

Although all parents want their children to make friends, there may be one kid you’d prefer them to avoid.

But for one mum, this isn’t a case of her daughter befriending a badly behaved and disruptive fellow classmate. Apparently, her daughter’s friend has been staying at her house for multiple days at a time.

The friend ‘frequently’ comes over for dinner and sleepovers, which has left her mum raging. Although the parent thinks her daughter’s pal is a ‘nice kid’, she often has a 'lack of respect’ and apparently acts as though she owns the residence - including using the mum’s ‘very expensive shampoo’.

The girl spends days on end at her school friend's house.

In a post shared on Mumsnet, the parent complained: “My 12-year-old has a school friend. This girl frequently comes home from school with my daughter and I feed her and care for her, and she sleeps here when her mum's 'busy'. She's a nice kid, but prone to a lack of respect at times.

"She refers to me as her second mum which is slightly odd but somewhat endearing. It's probably why I let some of her behaviour slide. Like, for example, she'll decide she needs a shower and will go into my en-suite and help herself to my very expensive shampoo and conditioner. She takes them back to my daughter's bathroom, where after use she'll leave them thrown on the floor along with her wet towels. Apparently, the shampoo and conditioner I provide for my own daughter aren't good enough for her hair type."

The mum reached breaking point when her daughter’s friend came over for dinner last Friday an didn’t leave until her own mum took her out for dinner on Sunday. The girl didn’t thank her friend’s mum for hosting her over the weekend, now did her mum invite the Mumsnet user’s daughter out for dinner with them.

The mum has had enough.

“Am I unreasonable to think that if you're going to palm your child off on someone else all weekend so you can go out to the pub and go on dates, and you're very much aware that someone else has given your daughter money for a meal out, then the very least you can do is get out of your car, come to the door and say thanks for having my child all weekend?," she said towards the end of her post. “And if you want to take your kid out for dinner afterwards, that's fine. But don't tell your daughter this plan until you're well away from the house you left them at all weekend. Otherwise, you just look like a massive cheeky f***er!"

The post divided Mumsnet users, with some users siding with the mum who’s complaining while others expressed sympathy for her daughter’s bestie.

“Why on Earth are you letting yourself and your daughter be treated like this?” one person asked.

“Yeah the mum is a massive CF [cheeky f***er]. The poor kid though, I feel for her,” a commenter declared. “She thinks this is normal but her mum is neglecting her. She’s lucky to have you.”

While a third shared: “You need to have a very stern & frank phone call with this woman! Also do not allow this girl back into your house again.”

A fourth parent declared: “The mother is an entitled cow.

“You can’t really blame the daughter if this is how the mother treats others. I would absolutely not be carrying on with the weekend showers/feeding/sleepovers though, and make sure your daughter gets her stuff back!”

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