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Mum left horrified after daughter's three-week-old Lelli Kelly school shoes turn 'mouldy'

Mum left horrified after daughter's three-week-old Lelli Kelly school shoes turn 'mouldy'

The photos will have you double checking your kid's shoes too.

It's always a bit of a hassle sorting everything out in time for back to school season and the issue of school shoes has proven to be a pretty major problem this year.

Whether that's pupils being sent home for allegedly inappropriate footwear or other students being left in 'agony' being 'forced' to wear small school shoes because hers weren’t allowed - it's clearly been a big old faff for parents all over.

However, the latest issue follows one mum who was left horrified after her daughter's three-week-old Lelli Kelly school shoes allegedly turned 'mouldy'.

The mum claimed the shoes, less than a month old, had grown 'mould spores'.
Facebook/Kailey Mcpuggerson

The woman, Kailey Mcpuggerson, took to Facebook to share her shocking discovery.

She penned: "Went to polish my daughters 3 week old Lelli Kelly school shoes to notice mould spores all growing inside them!"

Kailey explained that the shoes 'have never been soaked in water' and that her child only 'wears them 3-4 days a week for 6 hours a day'.

"The shoes are still immaculate on the outside," the mum noted before adding: "Why the hell are they mouldy?!"

She continued: "I'm absolutely horrified.

"I have contacted Lelli Kelly and the shop I bought them from. I had to strip the insole from them for a proper inspection."

Kailey then asked other fellow parents: "Has anyone else experienced this?"

The mum also let other Facebook users know that her daughter previously had Lelli Kelly shoes last year and 'never' had this problem before.

One Facebook user commented: "YES!!! This happened to us!!! Two weeks old I sent them back and got a full refund!"

"Not gonna lie," revealed another, "without reading your post and seeing the two pictures, I thought you was showing us a mouldy wrap."

What a comparison.

The internet was divided over whether the issue was 'mould' or just a matter of 'ink'.
Facebook/Sharon Alicia

Others, however, looked to other possible reasons for the alleged 'mould'.

"Is it def mould? Looks a little like ink?" wondered one Facebook user.

A second asked: "Does she wear black/navy socks? Looks like sweat. Or maybe ink from you labelling?"

A third echoed: "It's dye from the school [shoe] leather. From her sweating."

"Sweat, wet sock," added a fourth before advising: "Maybe remove insole and replace with new pair."

A final Facebook user then subsequently pointed out: "I see a lot of 'sweaty feet' comments but surely at almost £70 they should with stand sweaty feet and all weathers they're school shoes!

"Kids wear them six hours a day feet will sweat as kids run, jump, play, walk in them while at school."

They went on to call the whole ordeal 'disgusting' and said the school shoe prices are 'insane'.

"My daughter got some Lelli trainers, they fell to bits in under a month. I won't buy anything Lelli now," she concluded.

Tyla has reached out to Lelli Kelly for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kailey Mcpuggerson / Lelli Kelly

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