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Mum divides opinion after sharing school lunchbox hack

Mum divides opinion after sharing school lunchbox hack

A mum comes under fire for including item in her children's lunchbox

Do you remember what you used to eat at school?

If you were lucky enough to have a hot meal from the cafeteria, you were living the best life, while the rest of us settled for packed lunches.

However, not every packed lunch is the same as one mum is facing a divided comment section after sharing her 'convenient' lunchbox -even if it does look pretty yummy in my opinion.

Dubbed as 'careless', a woman from Australia decided to post a snap of her children's lunchboxes, which included a range of sweet and savoury snacks for them to munch on during the day.

Did packed lunches look anything like this?
Getty Images / Peter Cade

The boxes were stuffed full of croissants, fruit, veggies, biscuits, and even some homemade flavoured milk.

She went on to caption her photo on Facebook: “I pack flavoured milk in old prune juice bottles, which I find fit well in both small and large lunchboxes”.

However, it wasn’t the food that caught commenter’s eyes - it was the glass bottle of flavoured milk.

Many parents were shocked that she would send her children to school with glass, as it’s very easy to break and damage.

One person commented: “I had a student bring a glass bottle once.

“It smashed everywhere. Just takes a tiny little tap, and then glass and milk is everywhere.”

Other users were concerned about why the mother would risk an injury due to glass breaking when there were plenty of plastic bottle options available.

One person wrote: “The issue with school is that it is easily knocked or bumped and then breaks.”

Another asked: “Children with glass??

“Otherwise a great looking lunch.”

Someone else said: “It doesn't matter how careful a child is, accidents can and do happen.”

But there were those who disagreed with the above commenters and hit back that others needn't be worried just because one child somewhere had an accident with glass.

Commenters were concerned over the glass bottle.

A person wrote: “Oh my gosh. What if that cucumber falls on the floor and someone steps on it, slips, hits their head and suffers a brain injury!

“We can't let kids take anything to school in case there's an accident. Wait, what if someone trips over our child? We'll have to keep our kids at home wrapped up in cotton wool.”

Another shared the same sentiment, explaining that you can’t change the world just because something happened to someone you know.

They wrote: “If everybody changed their behaviour because of something that happened once to someone else, we would live in a very structured world with no personal freedoms.

“Pubs and restaurants continue to use glass bottles and cups.”

Another said: “All milk used to come in glass bottles and was delivered to schools, there is no issue here. The people whinging are the same type of people who made it necessary that a packet of nuts has a warning that it contain nuts.”

Do you think the glass is an issue?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

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