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Mum says she's trying for baby number eight despite being unable to get job because of her tattoos

Mum says she's trying for baby number eight despite being unable to get job because of her tattoos

Britain's most tattooed mum Melissa Sloan is planning to expand her family once again.

A mum has revealed she’s trying for her eight baby despite being unable to get a job because she’s covered in tattoos.

Melissa Sloan, a mum-of-seven from Wales, said she’s tried and failed to get a new job for two decades.

The 46-year-old says employers have issues with all 800 of her colourful tattoos which cover her face and body.

Melissa, who has been dubbed Britain’s most tattooed mum after getting her first inking in her 20s, said employers have refused to hire her since he began getting tatts.

Melissa Sloan is trying for her eighth baby.
Melissa Sloan

“I haven’t worked, I’m not proud of saying it but I haven’t worked for 20 years.”

The unemployed stay-at-home mum has now decided to try for an eighth baby with her partner Luke.

“I’m trying for another baby. I told the nurse this the other day and she was shocked, her eyes popped out!” she told The Daily Star.

“See I haven’t had sex for three years but my kids keep asking for another brother or sister.”

Melissa is concerned about getting pregnant because of her age. “At my age it’s a bit scary and if I do it now, get it out the way and have it when I’m 47.”

“It’s baby number eight now but you can have complications with everything. You’ve just got to think positive,” she explained.

Melissa said her two youngest children have never been afraid of their mum and accept her for who she is, tattoos and all.

She said potential employers have turned her down because of her tattoos.
Melissa Sloan

“The baby will never see my face but it will get used to it when it’s growing up, this is who I am,” she said about her hypothetical eighth baby.

Despite her plans to expand her family once again, Melissa said she hasn’t given up her dreams of getting a job as a solicitor.

“I would love a job and prove them all wrong because all the time they keep saying to me no one will give you a job.

“I’d love to be a solicitor. A solicitor in crime because I’ve always been in trouble with the police and, myself. And I think I could do that job,” she said.

The tattooed mum says some artists have turned her away.
Melissa Sloan

Melissa previously said she has been turned away from tattoo parlours.

She told the Daily Star that some of them 'won't let me in', saying she thinks it's because they reckon she's 'beyond help because I've gone too far'.

It's not been the case everywhere, as she revealed that some tattoo artists have even contacted her offering her the chance to get into their chair.

Some of Melissa's tattoos include spider webs, Playboy bunny symbols, marijuana leaves, roses, and the England flag.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/melissa.sloan.357284

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