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Ex-husband threatens to take wife to court after she refused to stop breastfeeding their seven-year-old daughter

Ex-husband threatens to take wife to court after she refused to stop breastfeeding their seven-year-old daughter

He took to Reddit to open up a little more about the 'frustrating' situation

A man has threatened to take his ex-wife to court after she refused to stop breastfeeding their seven-year-old daughter.

Taking to the 'Parenting' thread on Reddit, the man began by explaining that he and his ex had separated when their daughter was just a matter of months old.

He carried on: "I started bringing up this issue when she was still breastfeeding at age two.

"Initially taking it likely and joking about how she should at least stop once she reaches high school. Also dropped some Game of Thrones references here and there.

"I am beyond jokes now."

The man took to Reddit to share his dilemma.
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Opening up some more about the situation, the disgruntled father revealed: "The frustrating part is besides this issue my ex is actually an intelligent reasonable person.

"A very involved, caring, nurturing, self-sacrificing mother. I think she's just damaged emotionally on some level, which is the root cause of this bizarre attachment problem."

He revealed he and his ex had discussed the situation 'numerous times', adding: "She keeps saying that she's working on it but that mostly she'll stop when daughter 'is ready' to stop."

The man then slammed his ex, branding the situation 'wrong on so many levels' and saying that he could 'write a book on the implications'.

The man said the situation was 'wrong on so many levels'.
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Speaking about his daughter, he continued: "Part of the issue is she won't sleep over at my place because she is used to always sleeping with mommy and more than occasionally breastfeeding still."

"Someone help," he concluded. "Could I take this to court and get a judge to force her to stop?"

People have since taken to the comments to share their thoughts on the matter, with one Reddit user advising: "Instead of approaching the court issue about trying to stop the breastfeeding, what about having a custody arrangement where your daughter stays overnight?"

A second penned: "I’m not going to comment on the breastfeeding stuff. In terms of her spending the night with you though, that seems really unfair.

"Do you have a legal custody agreement? If not, time to get one ASAP. It’s unlikely you wouldn’t be given overnights."

A final Reddit user added: "As I'm reading these comments, I'm literally blown away at how many of the 'I'm not going to touch on the breastfeeding' comments there are!

"This is a seven-year-old child who is unable to have overnights at the other parents home due to the need of being breastfed to bed.

"Then I'm really confused at all of the 'once she finds out her friends aren't doing it then she will stop' or the 'once she sleeps at dads house she will be fine' comments - this child is seven-years-old! Breastfeeding has been a way to comfort her and she has grown to rely on it!"

They continued: "This is probably not going to be a very easy transition for mom or child! But I agree that this is very unfair to both your daughter and yourself.

"I would most definitely stand your ground and let your ex know that it's time that your daughter is able to start having overnights with you. It's long overdue."

What do you make of it?

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