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Mum heartbroken after husband had affair with son’s teacher now they're both pregnant

Mum heartbroken after husband had affair with son’s teacher now they're both pregnant

A woman has taken to Reddit to ask for advice after she found out her husband cheated on her after she cheated on him

A woman has been left heartbroken after her husband had an affair with her son’s teacher and now they’re both pregnant.

The 35-year-old woman has been married to her 33-year-old husband for eight years in what she has called a ‘fairytale’ marriage. The couple have their own children from previous relationships; the husband has an 11-year-old daughter while she has a 14-year-old son.

The woman goes on to explain in her Reddit post about the time she had depression in the past and treated her husband ‘like crap’.

The Reddit user and her husband are having a baby together.

“About two years ago, I had depression and treated him like crap,” she said. “I always blamed him - it led to resentment from my side. I started feeling like he was damaging me. This went on for months and even though he still treated me like a queen - at that time I felt like he was just not good enough for me.”


When she arranged a three-week trip to Europe with the father of her child and their child, her husband trusted her because he felt it would help to improve her mental health. However, the mum explained in her post that she cheated on her husband with her ex while on the trip.

“My husband trusted me and allowed me to go on the trip because he felt that this would improve my mental health. At that time, I was not in the right state of mind so I ended up cheating on him with my ex.”

She told her husband what happened when she returned front he trip but he ultimately forgave her.

Her son's teacher is pregnant with her husband's baby.

“To my surprise, he still wanted to give me another chance but I was not sure about us. So I ended up going to my ex’s house,” she recalled.

“Two days later, I realised that I made mistake by leaving my husband - I realised how much he cared for me and how he always prioritised me above anything.”

Her husband took her back and the relationship went from strength-to-strength. “About a month later, we were happy with each other again. We planned trips together. We also planned to have more kids together - our lives were pretty smooth,” she shared.

Two weeks later she found out she was pregnant and the couple celebrated.

But the joy only lasted a week. Her son told her that his teacher told him that he will soon have another sibling, even though the mum didn’t tell the teacher about her pregnancy…

As you can imagine, her suspicions grew. ““A week ago, my child said his teacher told him he will be having more siblings to play with. I found that odd. I thought ‘how does she know about my pregnancy?’ So, I asked my husband if he told her to which he answered no…”

The mum snooped through her husband’s phone and found ‘full on flirting’ messages and ‘exchanging nudes’ sent between her husband and her son’s teacher from the past six months.

The teacher told her student that he would soon get another sibling.

“Then I found a message along with a picture linked - it was of a pregnancy test and the text read: ‘You are going to be the greatest father to our child’. My heart sank. I literally threw up in the bed.”

She then confronted her husband in the middle of the night. “I asked him ‘why would you do that to our family and our child?’ He said that after my affair, he wanted a shoulder to lean on - that’s when he met my son’s teacher.

“He said he never intended to get her pregnant and that she said she suffered from infertility. He also said she wanted to keep the child because it was her miracle child.

Although the pair ended things a month ago – they still sexted, but eventually cut contact when she found that she was pregnant: “He says that my pregnancy was ‘wake-up call’ to him

“Now, here I am sitting on the couch just looking for some advice on how to proceed - the teacher is five months pregnant and I am two weeks,” she said.

“I know most of you will say that I destroyed my marriage and I know it but now I want to save it whatever it takes. I am thinking about what my child will be going through in his school when his friends find out.”

People in the comments weighed in on the scandal, with many Reddit users calling out the teacher for the way she shared her baby news with boy.

One popular comment reads: “I know other people are addressing your marriage so I’m gonna push past that and talk about how inappropriate it was for the teacher to say that to your child without ever discussing this with the two of you. She pulled your child into this affair drama by discussing his half-sibling that he was unaware of.”

Another person wrote: “The teacher should be turned into the school because this is an unacceptable thing for a teacher to do with a students parent. The whole thing is a mess and all involved shoulder the blame but she should not be engaging in this kind of situation as a teacher. Not professional at all and I am assuming against school policy.”

While a third wrote: “Neither one of you has shown much of a commitment to your marriage. If you were stressed before, think of how you are going to feel once these babies are born.”

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