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Mum shocked after finding controversial item in daughter's playhouse

Mum shocked after finding controversial item in daughter's playhouse

The Brisbane TikToker is striving for body positivity in youngsters

An Aussie mother has been left outraged after making a shocking discovery inside a dollhouse set she recently bought for her young daughter.

After making a trip to Kmart, Brisbane-local Simone Navy returned home with the special new gift for her daughter, which she managed to bag for the nifty price of just $10.

She'd purchased six-piece set of wooden dollhouse furniture, all of which was specifically designed to fit into a bathroom.

Mother-of-one Simone was not happy with the discovery. (Instagram/@simonenavybox)
Mother-of-one Simone was not happy with the discovery. (Instagram/@simonenavybox)

The miniature collection comprised of a shower, toilet, plunger, shower mat, a sink and one other item which she quickly branded a disgrace.

Simone was horrified to discover in amongst the collection of tiny products, a small yellow set of scales in the pack.

I know, just when you thought society was making some seriously progressive moves towards body positivity...

Anyway, the deeply disappointed mother instantly took to TikTok to share her find, admitting she won't be allowing her child to be confronted by a weight-measuring item.

"Um probably not gonna teach my little girl she needs scales in her bathroom Kmart," she penned on the expose.

Within a matter of minutes, hundreds of viewers on TikTok had flooded in to support the disgruntled shopper.

"Thank you!" one gushed. "A lot of people think it's not that serious but I'd rather be safe than ruin my kids' teenage years, it really does start at home."

Another opened up: "Personally my family never kept a scale and the only time one was ever in our home, my sister bought it during her first severe battle with her ED [eating disorder]".

"Literally having a scale in my bathroom ruined my life," a third went on.

Another continued: "I completely get this. I don't understand why they have scales in there".

Property director and PR boss Simone refused to stop there, however.

The six-piece set is sold at Kmart. (Kmart)
The six-piece set is sold at Kmart. (Kmart)

Within days of her Kmart-shaming video going viral, she gave a tell-all interview to the Daily Mail, in which she once again emphasised her shock at the prospect of this toy being sold to children.

Simone believes, instead, that children should be taught to love their bodies from a young age, no matter the shape or size.

"A lot of people on TikTok seem to have missed the point," she told the publication.

"Everyone has an opinion when it comes to parenting, but the important thing is that you know what's right for your child."

Go Simone!

Tyla has contacted Kmart for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@simonenavybox

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