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You can get paid over £3,000 to travel to Las Vegas and test margaritas with your bestie

You can get paid over £3,000 to travel to Las Vegas and test margaritas with your bestie

You and your bestie could be sipping on margaritas in Vegas in a very exciting 'job'

Bestie holiday still sitting in the group chat? Well, one way to get it finally going might be if you’re actually paid to do it.

Sounds like a dream solution really.

But it isn’t just the thing of dreams – as a lucky pair could actually bag a few thousand pounds and get to spend a week over in Las Vegas.

Oh, and you better love margaritas if you’re already picturing yourself there, because you’ll become an official ‘Las Vegas Margarita Tester’ for the trip.

OnlineCasino.Ca are running a competition for someone to go to the infamous American city and taste one of the tequila cocktails every day for a week.

And they’ll even throw in £3,000 ($4,000) for while you’re there, too.

Trip to Vegas, anyone?

Once you’re in Vegas, you’ll need to rate margaritas for the site based on several critieria.

Out of 10, the scoring criteria is as follows:

· The flavour/taste

· Presentation: The appearance and garnish

· The quality of ingredients used

· The setting: good atmosphere and experience

· Overall experience: good value for money?

So what happens with your drinks in Vegas won’t stay there – but everything else you get up to over the week certainly can.

In line with US government guidelines, you get to enjoy one of the popular cocktails each day at some of the best spots in Las Vegas.

The perfect 'job' for those who think they're a margarita know-it-all.
Kim van Vuuren / Pixels

For fulfilling this very, very important tequila and lime-based job, you’ll get funds to make your time there extra salty.

Spending a week in the Nevada lights, you’ll get £1,000 ($1,300) towards your food and drink, £1,500 ($2,000) towards travel and a hotel and £500 ($700) to help cover any extra costs.

In order to enter, you do need to be a resident of Canada and the United States of America and be aged 21 or over.

The competition is now open and doesn’t close until 12pm EST on 1 October, 2023.

The winner lands the ‘job’ of becoming OnlineCasino.Ca’s Margarita Tester for seven days in Las Vegas between 1 November 2023 and 29 February 2024.

There will be $4,000 thrown in there, too.

The winner will need to try one Margarita drink each day at different spots around Sin City and rate and take photos of each one.

You can find the full T&Cs for this competition here, and you can find the link for to submit an application for the coveted Margarita Tester here.

But before you enter, we should probably remind ourselves of how to make the perfect margarita: The classic cocktail should contain the balance of tequila, lime juice and triple sec.

Featured Image Credit: RebeccaAng / fotostorm / Getty Images

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