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Olympic gold medal champion completely destroys parents in race at son’s sports day

Olympic gold medal champion completely destroys parents in race at son’s sports day

The track runner blew all the other parents out of the water during the 100-metre race

An Olympic gold medal champion completely destroyed all the other parents in a 100-metre race at a school's sports day.

Putting all the other contenders to shame, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce sprinted to the finish line during the parents race in a matter of seconds, leaving behind a crowd of disappointed mums huffing and puffing - quite literally.

This takes the idea of healthy competition to a whole new level when you're competing against a gold medal Olympian. Check out the champion in action:

It's become somewhat of a tradition to have a parents race during sports days - so much so that even the late Lady Diana herself once got involved legging it down a track during Prince Harry's sports day back in 1991.

While it's all just meant to be a bit of fun - it's a given that some parents take the occasion slightly more seriously than others.

And this was exactly the case for one mum, who also happens to be one of the best sprinters of all time, when she didn't hold back on her speed during her son's sports day.

Regardless if you whacked on a pair of trainers, came prepared in running gear or even had a light limber-up session beforehand - it's clear that this would all have been done in vain after the Olympian took her place on the starting line.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 36, is a Jamaican track and field sprinter who normally competes in the 60, 100 and 200 metre races.

The Olympian sped down the track in just a few seconds.

The athlete holds a total of eight Olympic medals; three gold, four silver and one bronze.

And while there was no gold medal waiting for her at the finish line, the five-time world champion was racing as if she was gunning for gold.

Track and Field Gazette re-shared a clip of the eight-time Olympic medallist taking part in the parent's race which was first originally posted by Instagram user Amelia Gordon (@_ammago_).

"She is surely having fun!" the account captioned the video.

The re-shared Twitter video has since racked up over 11.8 million views with thousands of comments from people who couldn't wait to share their reactions to the race.

One Twitter user commented: "Imagine showing up to the parents race and Shelly Ann Fraser-Price is one of the parents/runners."

"She did not even hold back," wrote another with a bunch of cry laughing emojis while a third posted: "Y’all see the form? She did not come to play."

"She did not come to play."

She most definitely didn't.

Others, however, thought that having a gold medallist in the ranks was somewhere unfair to the other parents, pushing for the others to have a head start to level the playing field.

A Twitter user wrote: "They should have been given a 20 meter head start. Just to make it interesting. Lol."

"Shelly-Ann should have slowed down a bit now," another commented, "the other parents look like they are standing still."

A final added: "If I were ever in that race and saw Shelly, I’d just sit down."

Us too, us too.

Fraser-Pryce has since taken to social media herself to respond to the viral sports day clip, joking: "Every point counts."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Track_Gazette

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