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Woman explains why she would never put her children in a nursery

Woman explains why she would never put her children in a nursery

TikToker Danielle recalled some of her experiences working in childcare

A woman who used to work in a nursery has explained why she would never send her children to one.

Former nursery worker Danielle shared a video on TikTok called ‘why I wouldn’t put my kids in a nursery after working in one myself’.

She opened up about her experience working in childcare and clarified that her decision to not send her children to a nursery is not because they would be in danger or unsafe.

“All the staff are completely safeguarding trained and there’s not a danger to your children," she began. “I’m also not saying that every single nursery is like this.”

Danielle said one of the biggest downsides of the nursery she worked in was that some of her co-workers were ‘lazy’.

She explained: “Firstly, to start off with, it’s just not sunshine and rainbows like you think it is.

“It’s really not perfect and it’s nothing to do with the kids – mainly the staff, actually, and the laziness side of it.

“When I worked in a nursery, I always wanted to take the kids to the garden.

“I think that’s one of the main things to do with the kids as they get to challenge themselves on the equipment, and there’s obviously bikes.

“Just activities that you can’t hold in the rooms.”

However the TikToker claimed she was met with resistance from other staff members who ‘refused’ to go outside with the children.

Danielle said she wouldn't put her kids in a nursery.

“A lot of the members of staff would be like kind of refusing to go outside because it’s cold, or whatever reason.

“Or just because they mainly can’t be bothered.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand if it’s freezing and they genuinely can’t go outside because they will freeze – that’s a different story.

“But the majority of the time, it was just a little bit nippy and they couldn’t be bothered.

“Even if they just go out for a few minutes and come back in, at least they’ve been outside, in my opinion.”

She also claimed that the activities staff did with the children at her former place of work were very rushed compared to how they appeared online.

“When it comes to the activities, it is very much rushed and what the staff want parents to see,” she recalled.

“You could do an activity with the children and put it online for the parents to see, and it would look like you’d sat down and done a lovely activity with them.

“Majority of the time, that’s not the case. It’s put out, rushed and you’re there for one minute, you take a photo and put it away.”

Speaking further about the staff at the nursery where she used to work, Danielle explained: “The staff would just chuck toy trains on the tables and leave the kids to it.

“Then, when the kids would run around climbing on furniture that they shouldn’t be climbing on, the staff would wonder why they’re doing it.

“In my opinion, there’s only such a length of time you can keep a kid entertained with a toy train for.”

Parents commented their own concerns under Danielle’s video. One woman said: “This makes me feel so upset and worried.”

While a teacher said: “I’ve worked at a private nursery too and I agree, it’s bad, but I know at my primary the nursery is wonderful, so I think that’s the difference.”

A third TikTok user said: “It really depends on the nursery, I worked at one and I loved it, seeing how much they care and love the children.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@daniellecolexx/Marlene Ford/Alamy Stock Photo

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