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Grandmother left to raise all 12 grandchildren after daughter died giving birth

Grandmother left to raise all 12 grandchildren after daughter died giving birth

Patricia Pouncey is searching for answers after her 35-year-old daughter Nikita Washington died in December after giving birth to a son.

A heartbroken grandmother has been left to raise all 12 of her grandchildren after her daughter died after giving birth.

Patricia Pouncey’s daughter Nikita Washington went to Harper University Hospital in Detroit to give birth in December. The mum-of-twelve went to the hospital alone because her husband was incarcerated, Patricia told CNN.

Nikita had a Caesarean section and gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Nathaniel on 22 December. Unfortunately, Nikita did not survive and the family found out the next day she died of complications following the surgery.

As a result of Nikita’s death, Patricia – whose age hasn’t been disclosed - has been left to raise all 12 of her daughter’s children who are aged between three months and 19 years as the family struggle to come to terms with her heartbreaking death.

“I already thought about it and I’m gonna fight to keep them together and keep them with me,” the grandmother told Fox 2 Detroit about her aim to keep all the siblings under one roof.

Nikita died after giving birth to her son Nathaniel in December.
Fox 2 Detroit/YouTube

“I’m just stuck right now,” she shared. “I have all 12 of her kids right now with me, so I got to get a bigger house because my house is too small.”

A death certificate from the Wayne County Clerk was obtained by CNN which said Nikita died from a ‘postpartum haemorrhage’ and ‘complications from multiple Caesarean sections.”

Patricia said the death the certificate is the only thing she’s received from the hospital.

“I haven’t talked to anyone from the hospital. I have not received anything from them. All I have is the death certificate,” she told CNN.

The children are struggling to come to terms with their mother’s death.

“They’re taking it hard,” Patricia told Fox 2 Detroit. “They have good days and they have bad days.”

Patricia is asking the public for help.
Fox 2 Detroit

She added: “I tell them every day your mother is right here [touches the heart area of one of Nikita’s children].”

A statement was shared by the hospital with the news network expressing condolences to the family.

Brian Taylor, director of communications and media relations, said: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family for the loss of their loved one.

"We cannot discuss specifics regarding the treatment of any individual due to patient privacy laws.”

The family are also in need of a new vehicle as the family car was recently in an accident.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been launched by Nikita’s sister Daveia Knox to help the family during their time of need.

Featured Image Credit: Fox 2 Detroit/YouTube

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