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Heartwarming Moment Newborn Kisses Dads Cheek Leaving Viewers Amazed

Heartwarming Moment Newborn Kisses Dads Cheek Leaving Viewers Amazed

This is beyond adorable.

This is the moment a newborn baby kisses her dad on the cheek while having a cuddle – and it's seriously adorable.

You can watch the moment below:

In the incredibly cute clip, the dad can be seen kissing his little one while she's lying on his chest – and miraculously, the little newborn can be seen kissing him back.

Little Ava, astonishingly, attempts to lift her head before kissing her dad on the cheek. The dad, and Ava's mum who was filming, were totally blown away over what happened, and can be heard gasping as Ava's mum screams 'Oh my god' in the background.

The clip has been shared on TikTok where it's racked up more than 11.9 million views so far, as well as 2.3 million likes, leaving TikTok users in awe.

The dad kisses his newborn before she gives him a kiss back.
Jam Press/@royalty363/Magnifi U/TMX

And other users are totally stunned by the video, with hundreds taking to the comments section.

"The excitement of the mother is amazing," wrote one user.

Another person said: "His faceee. You can literally see his heart melt!"

Someone else added: "The way she just layed back down!"

"You’re done Bro. You’re officially wrapped around her finger. That was too precious," said another viewer.


Another user said: "Staaahhppp it, my ovaries hurt now. She's so cute."

The little one could be seen kissing her dad back.
Jam Press/@royalty363/Magnifi U/TMX

In other parenting news, we recently told you how one mum gave birth in the footwell of her car as her husband travelled down the motorway at 70mph.

Lee Reynolds, 34, and Natalie Whitton, 31, from Darwen, Lancashire, were on their way to hospital in the early hours of 27 July, when their little one made an appearance.

Lee explained how he thought he had 'plenty of time' to get there, but was left in total shock when baby Harrison 'shot out' in the footwell of his Ford Fiesta, weighing 7lb 11oz.

Following Harrison's sudden arrival, Lee pulled onto the hard shoulder to wait for the ambulance, but as the time went by with no signs of them arriving, Lee decided to dash to the nearest hospital instead.

"We were in the fast lane going 70mph, and I just looked on the floor and went 'There’s a baby in the footwell!' to my partner," says Lee.

“She quickly picked up the baby, and then the midwife on the phone was telling us what to do."

You can read more on that story here.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press/@royalty363/Magnifi U/TMX

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