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Woman left furious after neighbour painted their own side of the fence without telling her

Woman left furious after neighbour painted their own side of the fence without telling her

The woman said the new coat of paint was 'shoddy and horrible'

A woman has apparently been left fuming after she discovered that her neighbour had painted their own side of the garden fence...

The anonymous woman, who took to Mumsnet to air her grievances, said that this is a serial offence on the part of this particular neighbour.

Not too surprisingly, her post has caused some debate on the forum with some people asking why her neighbours would need to get her permission.

This Mumsnet user wasn't sitting on the fence about the subject.
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She wrote: "To be annoyed my neighbour has painted their side of their fence...without telling me? My side looks awful now.

"If they had told me they were doing it, I would have arranged to get my side done too.

"It's a totally different colour and the the top and sides are the new colour, as are all the drips on my side."

The woman added: "They did this a few years ago as well but it was the same colour and I still had to promptly paint my side because it looked so bad with the drips.

"I probably said nothing at the time. I will need to get my side painted the same (neighbours choice of colour again) - I don't know whose fence it is, if anyones, it was here before we both moved here, but it maybe is theirs."

To make matters worse, the woman's family are due to be around for a get-together.

The woman said: "I have a family party planned at the weekend and have been getting the garden looking presentable and it now looks, well, shoddy and horrible."

Other Mumsnet users weighed in with their opinions on the woman's conundrum, but were divided in how they responded.

One wrote: "It's a bit of a overreaction OP [Original poster].

"Is it just one fence panel or an entire side of the garden? Could you ask to have the paint colour and paint your side?"

Another said: "I wonder if you neighbour has no idea about the mess and is just super flattered that you love their colour choices so much you keep copying them so quickly after they have done their own?"

A sarcastic remark came one from unimpressed user: "How awful they didn’t consult you first to marry up dates.

"It will be utterly distressing for your party guests and will ruin the evening."

However, others were more sympathetic to the woman's plight.

One Mumsnet user wrote: "I’m absolutely gutted for you and understand the pain you must feel. Our neighbour did a similar thing and it took me weeks to reverse the damage."

Another commented: "Had the same issue. Our neighbours at the time painted our pine fence a deep emerald green when our side was white! We ended up tearing it down and putting a stone wall in."

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