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Mum's warning after girl is left with horror burns from 'death slide' at play centre

Mum's warning after girl is left with horror burns from 'death slide' at play centre

Children weren't meant to use the slide while wearing shorts, but staff said nothing to the short-wearing party.

Warning: This article contains graphic images

A mum has issued a warning to other parents after her daughter was left with a 'death burn' from using a children's playground.

Delilah Price, nine, was injured at the Playzone in Llansamlet, Swansea, after using a steep, red slide that has what's advertised as a 'death drop'.

Her mum Sarah, 38, said she was immediately in pain after using the slide on August 17 and had to seek medical treatment for the burn.

According to Playzone's website, children who use the slide should 'keep arms, legs and torso covered – no shorts or short skirts.'

The nine-year-old was immediately injured after using the slide.

While Delilah was wearing shorts at the of time, Sarah said that none of the staff members flagged it as a potential issue.

She was not the only child wearing shorts either, and her mum added that so too was her sister Dolcie, eight, and their two cousins.

Delilah is said to be scared of slides as a result of the incident.

Sarah, from Cimla, Neath, South Wales, said: "I'd never heard of a burn off a slide or seen one and we have been using play centres for nine years.

"The children all had shorts and t-shirts on. Nothing was said on entry about their clothing and they were able to go in and play on whatever.

Delilah is now scared of slides.

"As soon as Delilah came down the slide, she was hysterically crying, and staff gave her an ice pack.

"By the time she got home, it was really sore, and the next day, it was all weepy."

The mum went on to explain that her daughter struggled to walk and 'couldn't sit' for a number of days.

The situation was made worse by the fact that 'everything' was 'sticking' to the wound, which left her daughter in significant pain.

Sarah added: "Doctors at the hospital have cleaned it and dressed it multiple times and thought she might need antibiotics but they're happy now that it is starting to heal.

The nine-year-old couldn't sit for days.

"I really think there should be stricter rules like there are at other places requiring correct socks or footwear.

"I rang Playzone to warn them but they weren't interested. They said I'd have a phone call back but I've not heard anything.

"I said I'd email the photos of the burn but they said they don't want to see them."

The mum has vowed to never go back to Playzone and wants the establishment to take action so that a similar incident never happens again.

Playzone allegedly didn't want to see pictures of the burn.

"We won't go back. Delilah is too scared to use a slide now but I'm hoping she will overcome it.

"It's been a hard week with her not being able to do much. The first few days she couldn't even sit, and she wanted to sleep with me, which isn't like her.

"I'm upset and angry, and I think things should be in place to stop it happening again."

Tyla has reached out to Playzone for comment.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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