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Mum avoids washing up by tipping spag bol all over dining table

Mum avoids washing up by tipping spag bol all over dining table

The bizarre life hack is definitely more on the alternative side

One mum has come up with a creative way to avoid the dreaded washing up by tipping spag bol all over her dining table.

Yep, you read that right - the mum-of-two devised a somewhat alternative life hack, leaving her kids to believe she was 'having a breakdown' when she chucked their entire spaghetti bolognese straight onto the dining table.

However, there was a method to her madness as it ended up proving to be the ultimate 'no washing up' hack.

The bizarre dinner arrangement proved to be the ultimate 'no washing up' hack.
Kennedy News

Hannah Levine, 30, says her hubby had told her to 'chuck dinner on the table' and, clearly taking his instructions literally, the mum served her children served Willow, 10, and Oakley, five, a 'plate-less' meal.

In case you're wondering what on earth that entails - it's exactly how it sounds.

Before calling her kids down for tea at 6.00pm, Hannah placed two disposable tablecloths and tin foil on the table to act as a protective layer and to help keep the food warm.

Hilarious footage from the bizarre dinner night show spaghetti, meatballs and bolognese sauce laid out across the middle of the tablecloth without any crockery in sight.

In the clip, Hannah's daughter can be heard asking 'what are you doing?' as her little brother stares in utter shock at the spaghetti splatters onto the surface in front of him.

The 30-year-old said her kids didn't know beforehand what she was going to do and they thought she was having a 'breakdown' when she started to tip their tea all over the table.

The kids first thought the mum was 'having a breakdown' when they saw the spag bol tipped across the table.
Kennedy News

Hannah said: "When I first poured the spaghetti onto the table, they were like 'mum what are you doing?'.

"When I put the sauce on the table, I think my daughter thought I was having a breakdown," she continued. "My son was questioning why there weren't any plates."

As the mum tipped the meal onto the tabletop, only to garnish with a healthy smattering of cheese, both children can be heard cheering in excitement at their mum's 'fun' dinner time plans.

While she gave the little ones knives and forks, Hannah said they eventually ditched cutlery altogether and began eating the spaghetti with their hands.

Hannah, who hails from Dunmow, Essex, said: "It was a joke really. I told my husband dinner was ready and he said 'chuck it on the table and I'll be there in a minute' so I did.

"They [my kids] loved it and in the end gave up with cutlery and it was a free for all.

"I originally gave them cutlery but they gave up on this quickly."

It only took '30-seconds' to clean up with no washing up required.
Angele J / Pexels

According to the mum, the whole meal only set her back around a tenner and was completely vegan.

The ingenious hack also meant it only took '30 seconds' to clean up with no washing up required.

"My kids were so distracted by the fun element of this tea, they tucked in and ate more than they usually would," Hannah went on.

"It became a challenge between them of who could eat the most off the table."

While she's not done it again since, Hannah has said she'd 'tell mums to give it a go'.

Hannah also revealed: "When I posted the video to Facebook and sent it to some of my friends, I had mixed reactions back.

"Some said it looked really fun and others said they wouldn't do it in their house because of the mess but there's actually less mess with this dinner as it's so easy to clean up.

"It looks more messy than it is but it's actually very easy to clean up."

On Facebook one user said: "So when you said pop round for dinner what does this actually involve?"

Another commented: "Hilarious. Their wee faces. Not sure what you're going to do for dessert."

A third user said: "Haha! Their little faces. A great way of saving on the washing up."

It's definitely some outside-the-box thinking - that's for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

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