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Mum shares 'game-changing' laundry hack that cuts down on drying time

Mum shares 'game-changing' laundry hack that cuts down on drying time

A mum has shared a laundry hack on TikTok that cuts down on drying time, and it seems people are likely it judging by the number of views.

A mum has shared a laundry hack that cuts down on drying time, but also saves crucial energy this winter.

The mum admitted that it wasn't actually her idea, but was her partner's genius plan instead.

She thought it was that good she posted it to her TikTok page (mumatnumber23), where it has amassed an impressive half a million views and 8k comments. Watch it below:

This hack has come to light at a very good time as millions of Brits are looking to save money on their energy this winter - and the good think about this hack... it doesn't use a tumble dryer.

And for this hack, all you need is a clothes airer to achieve it.

The TikToker says it is especially good for people who need to dry a lot of clothes in a short space of time.

You start by picking out the clothes that would usually go in draws and put them on the airer as you normally would.

But any clothing that you put up in a wardrobe, the mum says that you should put on coat hangers and stick them on the airer.

More items can be put on the airer when using this hack.
mumatnumber23/ TikTok

This allows more items of clothing to be placed on the airer at any given time, meaning more clothes can be dried quicker.

In the description, the mum added that the hack was a true 'game changer'.

She said: "This laundry hack has been an absolute game changer and we will continue to do it. No more folding 101 items of clothing (unless they go in drawers 😆). Plus with hanging it up, I’m finding that clothing has minimal creasing too! This hack has become a permanent fixture in our house for sure."

And people in the comments have been reacting to the hack, with some even giving suggestions for other ones.

One person said: "Thanks for sharing, I’ve not even thought of this & I’ve used an airer for ages."

People are impressed by the hack.
mumatnumber23/ TikTok

A second added: "I do this, longer items hang on curtain poles ,I even use hangers on washing line in summer great for dresses can get loads more on the line."

While a few commenters also suggested door frames as an alternative.

And a third said: "I always hang my bedding and towels off my stair banisters on the landing."

In other laundry hacks, a TikToker has revealed another one for the families who do not own a tumble dryer.

Featured Image Credit: mumatnumber23/ TikTok

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