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Mum of identical twins had to bring them to the police to tell them apart

Mum of identical twins had to bring them to the police to tell them apart

She joked that she is 'mum of the year'.

Sometimes with twins, you can literally see double, and we all know popular culture has had a lot of fun with the phenomenon (I'm looking at you The Parent Trap).

But for one poor mum, this led to more trouble than she could have anticipated when she was forced to go to the police to tell her twins apart.

As much as Sofi tried, she couldn't tell her daughters apart.
Alamy / Oksana Kuzmina

Sofi Rodriguez made the blunder public on Twitter when she joked that she'd be a solid contender for the 'mother of the year award' after she couldn't tell them apart.

She explained that her twins look so similar that she concluded that the only way she'd be able to tell them apart would be to have the pair fingerprinted.

The mum, who lives in Argentina, wrote in the now-viral tweet: "Tomorrow I have to go to the police to have my twins fingerprinted and tell me which one is which, I won the mother of the year award."

The confused mum was good humoured about her twin problem.
Twitter / sofiar388

The mum went on to explain in a subsequent tweet that while there are instances where her children look different, up close, it's impossible to tell the difference.

She wrote: "In the photos they look different but it is because they come from different angles or the light... sets them apart, in person they are the same."

Sofi said that it was becoming a health issue too, as doctors had accidentally vaccinated one of them twice - having also failed to tell them apart successfully.

The viral tweet prompted countless other twins and parents of twins to weigh in on how they got around the problem.

One Twitter user shared: "With my twin brother we used a bracelet, one on the left and one on the right.

"The myth says that once we both dropped them and they were reversed. We are almost 30-years-old and maybe I am him and he is me."

Some people have used bracelets to tell identical twins apart.
Alamy / EyeEm

Another mum of identical twins shared: "I painted the toenail of one of mine to differentiate them. Mine are identical identical but for me they are completely different [sic]."

Other parents of twins, meanwhile, said that they were able to tell their children apart using earrings.

"When mine were born, one had a pink hat and the other a white one. Rosa was Luciana. Guada was white. It lasted 2 days. Until the father inverted the hats," shared another Twitter user.

"The neonatologist saved us, who identified them due to the difference in weight."

Sofi went on to reveal that she received a call from the National Person's Registry, and she is now finally able to tell her twins apart.

Featured Image Credit: @sofiar388/Twitter/Oh Baby Productions / Alamy Stock Photo

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