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Mum left furious after daughter gets 'unfair' detention for burping in PE

Mum left furious after daughter gets 'unfair' detention for burping in PE

She branded the detention 'ridiculous' and questioned if it was allowed

A mum was left fuming after her daughter was given a ‘ridiculous’ after school detention for burping during a PE lesson. I guess the old saying ‘better out than in’ doesn’t apply at this particular school.

The mum said her year-nine daughter was ordered out of the lesson, told to get changed back into her school uniform and handed a 20 minute detention after burping during a game of netball.

In a post on Mumsnet, the mum explained: ​​”Today my eldest [daughter] came home later from school than she usually would and when she got in I asked her why and she told me she had been at a 20 minute after school detention for burping in PE while playing netball in the gym.

“She was upset as she got sent out of the lesson and made to change back into her uniform for the rest of the lesson and copy from a textbook.

“I didn't know what to say to her to be honest she seems fine now she has calmed down. It sounds silly to me and ridiculous. Can a teacher do this?”

She was asked to leave a PE lesson.
Jack Sullivan / Alamy Stock Photo

However, fellow Mumsnet users were not convinced with the daughter’s version of events and suggested there was probably more to it than she had let on - and let’s be honest, who hasn’t told a little white lie to avoid getting in trouble with a parent?

One person commented: “Did the loud burp follow 15 minutes of whispering to her friend, giggling and trying to make the person in front of her laugh? I suspect that there's more to this story than she has shared with you and that she had been a**ing about for most of the lesson and the teacher had had enough."

The furious mum branded the detention 'ridiculous'.
Jack Sullivan / Alamy Stock Photo

Someone else added: “It depends on whether she was accidentally burping or if she was deliberately being disruptive or disrespectful. I'd be very surprised if it was as simple as your daughter is making out.”

Another wrote: “I would want to hear the full story, because you definitely don't have all the information here.”

While a third asked: “Do you have anything from the teacher confirming that is why she was in detention or do you only have [your daughter’s] word for it? Because I agree it does sound silly, so would question if that was in fact the actual/only reason she was kept behind.”

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