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Mum finds ‘insensitive’ note left on car outside shops

Mum finds ‘insensitive’ note left on car outside shops

People rallied around the mum after the note was shared online

An Aussie was left stunned and furious after returning from a shopping trip with their mum to find an accusing note left on the car windscreen.

The pair had parked up in the mum's car near a shopping area in Canberra, Australia, where they opted for a disabled spot as the mother qualified for a disabled badge.

The mum qualified for a disabled badge.

They left the car and went about their day, but when they returned they realised someone had been watching them when they'd arrived, and they'd taken it upon themselves to judge what they saw with no real information.

When they returned to the car, the two family members discovered a note on the windscreen which questioned whether they really should have been parking in the disabled spot, as the mum's disability wasn't visible to the naked eye.

"Hi," the note began, before asking: "Are you truly disabled?"

"You both walked from your car like athletes. Please follow the rules."

Someone had watched the pair leave their car.

The person who went with their mum on the shopping trip was completely taken aback by the note, and took to Reddit to share it with the world.

"The absolute gall to leave this on my mother's car in Gungahlin shops parking," they wrote alongside a picture of the note.

The poster added: "My mother is disabled, her disability isn't visible. She was legally given a disability parking permit because she is DISABLED! What a moron."

The post was flooded with supportive messages from other Reddit users, with many saying that unfortunately such situations aren't that unusual.

A picture of the note was shared on Reddit.

One responded to share their own experiences with disabled parking, saying: "I have arthritis in my spine and elsewhere - disabling, yet completely invisible. Have had old women yell at me for parking in the disabled spots, despite having a permit. Told that I’m “not allowed to park there” because I’m “not disabled”. One lady threatened to call the police.

"I don’t understand it at all. Like if someone has a disability permit, and they’re parking in a disability spot… mind your business??"

Unfortunately there were some people who hit back at the poster, forcing them to defend themselves as they cited their mum's 'multiple surgeries', but other Reddit users expressed sympathy for the mum.

One wrote: "I’m sorry you found this note on your car. There’s no need to ever justify why you have a disabled ‘sticker’. It’s no-one’s business but your own, no matter how cruel some people are in reminding you you have one."

Residents in Canberra can apply for a disabled parking permit if they meet certain criteria laid out by the government.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Reddit/u/Capnducki/

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