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Mum admits she was 'upset and disappointed' when she found out she was having twin boys

Mum admits she was 'upset and disappointed' when she found out she was having twin boys

The mum revealed she had her heart set on one of each

A mum has revealed how she was left 'upset and disappointed' when she discovered she was expecting twin boys.

Ashley Cesare, 21, from New York, was gutted when she found out, having always dreamed of having a girl and hoping to have one of each when she first found out she was expecting twins.

You can watch the gender reveal below:

But once the little ones arrived, she couldn't imagine life any other way.

“In the moment I was anxious, and the suspense was killing me," says Ashley.

“In my gut I knew it was twin boys, so I was trying to prepare myself and willing myself not to cry. When the confetti fell, I stamped my foot in disappointment.

“But the feeling only lasted for five or 10 minutes. I thought: ‘It’s really two boys, here we go'.

“I used to feel guilty because I didn’t want my boys to feel unwanted. But now I realise that wasn’t what that moment was. It was my natural emotions.

Ashley now can't imagine it any other way.

“Now I couldn’t imagine them being girls. I love my boys more than anything and me wanting a girl isn’t wrong.”

Ashley explained that she's 'very girly' and wanted a 'mini me' but explained that partner Heath didn't mind either way.

“Heath didn’t care either way," she adds.

“But it was really scary for me. I have all girls on my side of the family.

“I didn’t think I would be good at raising boys. But after five minutes or so I snapped out of it, and I was excited.

“I was just happy to be a mum. It was a disappointment like you have when you get the fast-food restaurant gets your order wrong, but you still eat it.

“We should be able to have emotions.”

The boys were born on 25 March, with Jaxon weighing 4lbs 11oz and Carter 4lbs 8oz.

The boys were born on 25 March, 2022, with Jaxon weighing 4lbs 11oz and Carter 4lbs 8oz.

“It felt like they were meant to be mine," she says.

“They are both very attached to me. They said ‘mumma’ first.

“Jaxon is clingy, and Carter is more independent but still has his moments when all he wants is me.”

The family are looking to add one more little one to complete their brood - who they hope will be a girl.

“If we have another boy, I might be disappointed,” says Ashley.

“But I’ll still be happy, and we’ll still stop at three.”

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