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Mum left devastated after stranger leaves 'nasty' note on car for parking in pram-only spot

Mum left devastated after stranger leaves 'nasty' note on car for parking in pram-only spot

She parked without her children after dropping them off with her partner at the entrance.

A mum has shared her heartbreak after a stranger took it upon themselves to leave a 'nasty' note after she parked in a pram-only spot.

The parking incident took place in 2021 when the mum-of-three, whose youngest child was just over a year old, was out shopping with her family.

The mum explained that she dropped her husband and three children off at the entrance to the shopping centre before parking her car in the family-friendly spot.

However, when she returned with them in tow, she was shocked to discover that a stranger had left a nasty note on her car.

The mum dropped her family off before finding a suitable parking space.
Alamy / Edward Westmacott / Stockimo

It read: "You should not park here. You got no pram or baby with you, you fat piece of s**t [sic]."

The mum went on to describe the person who left the note as 'nasty' and 'harsh' and wished that they had got their facts right before leaving it.

She told the Daily Mail Australia that they should have realised from the inside of her car that she had young children

The mum said: "Yes, I have a double pram in my car!

"Yes, I have two baby car seats in my car.

"The point is, don't jump to conclusions if you don't see me push a pram or hold a baby as I dropped my husband off at the entrance with the kids while I went and found a car spot.

The mum was left an abusive note after a stranger assumed she didn't have children.
Daily Mail Australia

"People are so nasty and quick to judge."

At this point, it's worth noting that this incident took place in Australia, where the rules about family-friendly parking are slightly different than in the UK.

In the UK, a person can be fined for misusing a pram-only space.

However, according to, this is not the case in Australia.

Pram-only spaces were introduced around the world as a way for people with young children to get the extra space they need to move prams in and out of their cars.

The mum said the car seats were proof she had children.
Alamy / Artur Golbert

As anyone who drives knows, otherwise, it can be an extremely tight squeeze.

The story prompted quite a reaction when it was posted online.

One commentator remarked: "These pram spaces have no legal meaning, unlike disabled spaces, so anyone can park there."

A second agreed that the note was wrongfully left, adding: "From what I was told, these are only courtesy parking spaces, not like disabled spots."

"It's time to act like adults and remember to live and let live," slammed a third commentator. "Who am I or you to judge another? It's a bl**dy parking space. It is not a matter of life or death, is it?"

Featured Image Credit: Alamy / Edward Westmacott / Stockimo / Daily Mail

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