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Mum who called her baby Imagine explains how you actually pronounce it

Mum who called her baby Imagine explains how you actually pronounce it

People have flocked to social media in response to a parent deciding to call their baby daughter Imagine.

People have taken to social media in response to a parent deciding to call their baby daughter Imagine.

The possibilities are endless when choosing what to name your child and normally the standard, Tom, Ben, Alex, Sarah or Jane are easy to fall back on.

However, sometimes expectant parents decide to stray from the mould - and there's nothing like a unique baby name to cause controversy amongst social media users.

A parent called their daughter Imagine.
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Parents should really be able to call their kid whatever their heart desires - although, maybe with a bit of consideration as to whether or not their child can actually pronounce it themselves or will be subject to any future playground teasing.

As always, the parent police have come out in full force to weigh in on what they think of one parent's decision to call their daughter Imagine.

Imagine that.

People have flooded to social media to weigh in on the name.
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Sharing a screenshot from another social media site, a Redditer took to the platform to claim the baby name reveal is the 'worst one [they've] seen this week'.

"The pronunciation is even worse," they add.

The image shows a picture of a mum with a newborn baby alongside the caption: "We welcomed a beautiful little girl into this world named Imagine in 2018 (Em-ah-jen)."

A couple announced their baby's name as being, Imagine.
u/Cye1000/ Reddit

Other Redditers have since flocked to the post to give their view on the unusual name.

One commented: "You can’t just name your kid a regular word and say it’s pronounced completely different?!???? You can’t….????"

Another responded: "Well seeing as the whole world revolves around them specifically yes they can and you’ll just have to deal with it, oh and they’re not letting it slide if you mispronounce it either I feel like people who name their kids like this do it partly as a ticket to get upset and correct people all the time."

Despite the parent's clarification on how to pronounce Imagine, one Redditer was still confused.
u/Cye1000/ Reddit

Others rained in with jokes which, inevitably, the child will likely have to grow a thick skin to hearing as they grow up.

For example, 'Em-ah-jen all the people'.

Another predicted: "They've consigned Imagine to a whole lot of future problems. From her first day of kindergarten, she's going to have to correct her teachers, substitutes, administrators, and anyone else who reads her name out.

"(I know what I'm talking about; my own name has five letters, and has been mangled endlessly.) It doesn't seem like a huge problem, but it's going to get really tiresome for Imagine."

A final simply stated: "Imogen was right there."

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