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Mum says husband should pay for boob job after breastfeeding for two years

Mum says husband should pay for boob job after breastfeeding for two years

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A mum who has breastfed her babies for two years has told her husband she wants him to pay for her to have a boob job.

Taking to TikTok, mum Avery Woods says it's only fair that he should fork out for the cosmetic surgery with all the money they saved not buying formula.

“Telling my husband I must be gifted a breast lift after BF for two years & saving so much money on formula,” Avery wrote on top of the video, before captioning it: "It’s well deserved."

And other TikTok users were in agreement over the video, with one writing: "Yep just do itttttt no matter what he says lol."

While another said: "I have told my hubby the same after breast feeding 6 kids . Longest was 3 years."

And a third added: "It's only fair."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “I told my fiancé the same. These things aren’t perky anymore so pay up.”

One person even said they had even had 'plastic surgery' written into their prenup when they got married.

"I put it in our prenup mine had to give me up to $20,000 in plastic surgery per kid. I’m getting a lift in 6 months," they wrote.

And another said: "Nearly 3 yrs with 1 bub. getting my lift/reduction next week."

What do you think?

The woman wants her husband to pay for her boob job.

In other TikTok news, we told you how one mum made her boyfriend try a labour simulator after he thought childbirth looked easy. And of course, he had absolutely no idea what he was in for when he agreed.

Ryan Moore, who's from Wigan, was hooked up to the machine by his partner Shaunna Thompson, and his reaction was everything.

You can watch the moment below:

The video was posted with the caption: "When you think labour isn't that bad, so she makes you feel it," and sees Shaunna dialling up the machine, moving through different levels of pain.

At first, the tough guy seems to be taking it well but as the TikToker gets to levels four, five, and six he can be seen writhing about in pain.

At one point he even shouts: "Turn it off, turn it off, or I'll rip it off."

As you can imagine, viewers were quick to chime in, with one writing: "Where did you guys find this? I'm pregnant and wanna show the other half what it's like."

We can't stop laughing at this!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@averyywoods

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