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Mum slams football club for 'booting her and baby out of stadium as he's only six months old'

Mum slams football club for 'booting her and baby out of stadium as he's only six months old'

She says a steward told her she'd have to leave and take her six-month-old baby with her

A mum has hit out at Leicester City after saying she was removed from their stadium during the club's 2-2 draw with Everton because she had her six-month old baby with her.

Everton fan Chloe took to Facebook to say that she'd 'just been kicked out' of the stadium by a steward 30 minutes into the match.

She wrote that she'd bought a ticket for her six-month old and they'd had no problems getting into the King Power Stadium for Monday's (1 May) game, but that she'd since had to leave.

The mum went on to write that she hadn't been allowed back into the stadium to get any of her baby's things 'as I didn't know I was getting kicked out when I was asked to be spoken to' by the stewards.

She also said that two of her other children were still inside the stadium without her and she had 'nowhere to go' as she'd made the journey to Leicester on the Everton supporter's coach.

The Everton supporting mum said she and her six-month-old baby were removed from the King Power Stadium.

She slammed the football club and said they 'should be ashamed of yourself', saying that it didn't state age restrictions in the club's ground regulations after she was told the rules included an age limit.

Some people were shocked to hear this, saying what had happened to the mum was 'despicable' and absolutely terrible'.

Others asked how she could get removed from the stadium if she still had two other children in there, while someone else called the steward an 'absolute jobsworth'.

However, others questioned whether it was 'normal' to bring a six month old baby to a football game, saying it 'sounds a bit too much for the child'.

Another wanted to know how 'a baby who wasn't even born when the season started' was able to get an away ticket ahead of them.

Leicester City's rules do say children younger than two aren't allowed in for games, though the mum and her baby were let into the stadium on the day.
Kennedy/Leicester City

On Leicester City's website concerning rules for entry into the King Power Stadium it does state: "Children under the age of two are not permitted to enter the stadium for any football matches."

A spokesperson for Leicester City told Tyla: "The Club’s policy on minimum age for matchday admission is designed to ensure the safety of all match attendees in a busy stadium environment and is outlined clearly in our terms and conditions.

"These are available on our website and issued to all visiting clubs for distribution among supporters purchasing away tickets."

"On Monday night, once it became apparent that an infant had been admitted into the away supporters’ section, appropriate procedure was followed to safely escort parent and child from the stadium bowl shortly after kick-off."

"Club staff subsequently offered support to retrieve items left behind, while ensuring all other minors in their party remained accompanied by the correct number of appropriate adults."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy

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