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Mum shares game-changing tip for getting babies to stop crying in seconds

Mum shares game-changing tip for getting babies to stop crying in seconds

It definitely seems to work.

Parents are always looking for new ways to soothe their little ones.

Now, one mum has shared her genius trick to calming her baby and stopping the little one from crying in seconds - and it certainly seems to work. You can watch how she does it below:

In the clip, the mum - @michabaileymua on TikTok - explains how she managed to settle her baby daughter after stumbling upon the trick.

"So I learnt this today. If you've fed your baby, winded your baby, done everything and they've still not settled, watch this," she said.

The mum explained that she uses a simple technique which seemed to calm her little one in seconds.

Demonstrating, the mum held her baby towards her chest and stomach, explaining: "You want to put them low, like this. What you want to do is just literally go, drop your knees, drop your knees, drop your knees."

In the clip, the mum appeared to be doing mini squats while holding her little one, who seemed to be instantly calmer.

"I swear to god, I've done it all day, and she stopped crying and eventually, she'll fall asleep. And I didn't think this was true.

"But it is, and it works, and I can't believe it and I wish I knew sooner. Hopefully it'll tighten my bum up."

The mum shared her trick on TikTok.

And other mums on the video sharing platform were grateful for the tip, with one person writing: "Simultaneously squat workout too. Win/win."

While another said: "Tried this at 4am this morning after being awake with a screaming newborn for 4 hours! IT WORKS!!!"

And a third added: "I have honestly never loved someone more in my life rn than you my daughter has been so unsettled all day, just done this for 2 mins and she's asleep."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I found this out by accident myself with my 10 week old."

However, a fifth joked: "One bend and I’m not getting back up."

And another mum added: "Oh that's a young Mum's game. My creaky knees could never."

Other parents agreed the trick works.

Others theorised over why the trick might work, with many thinking it mimics the baby in the mum's womb.

"I think it mimics the walking sensation they feel when in our tummy," one said.

While another added: "When you've walked all day pregnant this is the next best thing, all they know bless."

And a third said: "Becos the baby gets the motion of still been in your tummy. [sic]"

Certainly worth a try!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@michabaileymua

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