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People horrified after mum admits family's sick bowl is also her baking bowl

People horrified after mum admits family's sick bowl is also her baking bowl

A mum has left people absolutely horrified after admitting she used a sick bowl for baking.

Of all the household items you keep in the kitchen cupboard, the one you want to keep away from is the family sick bowl (you know, that thing your parents would hold under your face so you didn't heave up your guts all over the nice clean floor?)

The mum admitted she used her family sick bowl for baking.

However, one mum has left people absolutely horrified after revealing that her sick bowl was pulling double duty as she was also using it for baking.

Now, granted, she was washing it out very thoroughly first, explaining that she does pretty much put the bowl through a 'boil wash' when she wants to cook with it, but it's still pretty disgusting.

Taking to Facebook, parenting blogger and author Sarah Turner explained that her children had just made the disgusting discovery and said she'd be changing her ways from now on after being brought up the same way.

She wrote: "My kids have just discovered that the family sick bowl and the cake mix bowl are one and the same.

"In my defence, this was also the case when I was growing up... but now I’ve said it out loud, I realise I need to break the cycle. I won’t be taking any further questions."

As you can probably guess, people were absolutely disgusted to find out she'd been baking in the same bowl people had been sick in, no matter how well she washed it.

On person said it was 'beyond disgusting' and hoped 'you've never made a cake for anyone outside of your home in that bowl'.

Another said it was 'truly horrifying', while someone else slammed it as 'selfish, disgusting and absolutely unhygienic' while arguing it would be 'insane' to cook food in a bowl people had been sick in.

Sorry little bowl, you were made for cooking but you'll be used for something else.
Artur Synenko / Alamy Stock Photo

A few people admitted they did the exact same thing even if they were always plagued by worries that they 'haven't washed it thoroughly'.

One commented: "This is exactly what my mom meant when she said not to eat in people’s houses. Eeew. I’m glad you’re breaking the cycle."

While one reader shared: "I really wouldn't worry about this – I go to my [father-in-law's house] once a week and do his laundry and cleaning – for several weeks I was happily washing out an empty Pot Noodle pot, only to discover (with horror and some swear words) that it's his pot he wees in."

In her defence, Sarah added: "I thought it was in pretty good condition (I do effectively boil wash it) but I’ve just had a closer look and I’m not sure whether the slight orange staining is from carrot cake or the norovirus..."

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