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Martin Lewis' MSE issues warning to customers when returning Christmas gifts

Martin Lewis' MSE issues warning to customers when returning Christmas gifts

The ITV star is helping Christmas shoppers with their returns

You can always rely on television star Martin Lewis and his MoneySavingExpert team when it comes to money saving tips and tricks.

In fact, the ITV favourite has built his reputation on lending a helpful hand out to viewers that are suffering with financial woes and saving struggles.

Last month, he issued a vital warning to bereaved parents to check if they are able to claim bereavement support having lost a loved one.

He's also answered the age-old debate of whether it's cheaper to cook food in an oven or a microwave.

This week, however, 51-year-old Martin's team is warning his devoted followers about the risks and benefits of returning festive presents that you don't want.

Answering fans' frequently asked question on his life-changing website, the celebrity saver explained your gift return rights.

"If the big fella got you something ghastly, misjudged your size or it broke on his sleigh, you may be in luck," the MSE team writes.

Martin Lewis' team has detailed the ins and outs of Christmas returns.

"Technically, only the buyer has rights, but many stores allow receipts to get a full refund or exchange with proof of purchase (which may mean awkwardly fessing up to the buyer)."

They go on to explain: "You've got no legal rights to a refund or exchange if the gift was bought in a store (unless it is faulty). If the item doesn't work, you're due a refund.

"But if you just don't like it, and it was bought in a shop, neither you nor the buyer are entitled to a refund.

"That said, many stores allow you to return non-sale items in good condition for about one month after purchase, whatever the reason, though you may need to settle for an exchange or store credit."

Martin has explained what to do if you don't like your Christmas gifts.

You ARE legally entitled to a refund if the item was bought online.

The MSE team writes: "Essentially, they have 14 days after they receive their order to tell the seller they want a refund and a further 14 days to actually return the item."

Lastly, the on-screen star goes on to remind customers that the majority of online and in-person stores extend their return period over the Christmas period, being that it is often the time for ghastly gift-giving.

"For example," he writes. "John Lewis is allowing shoppers to return items bought between 27 September and 24 December 2023 by 23 January 2024."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: ITV/Betsie Van der Meer/Getty Images

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