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Man sparks outrage after clearing supermarket shelves of Lego toys and reselling them to make a £400 profit

Man sparks outrage after clearing supermarket shelves of Lego toys and reselling them to make a £400 profit

The TikToker has come under fire from fans

A social media star is this week facing a wave of backlash after making a profit from some much-loved kids' supermarket toys.

The TikToker in question - who goes by @sam_perth on the video-sharing app - posted a controversial video of himself clearing the shelves of his local ASDA superstore of all their Lego products.

In the clip, Sam is seen visiting the supermarket at 10pm and throwing hoards upon hoards of Lego into his trolly, revealing he intended to resell them on Amazon and make a profit.

Sam sells the discounted products at a profit.

"These are £7.50 at Asda, but I can sell them on at Amazon for £30 and make over £20 profit for each one", he says directly into the camera.

Online sellers can use the online retailer's FBA feature to make money off their untouched products, with Amazon having the responsibility of packing and storing the items and Sam simply having to send them off.

Arriving at the check-out, the TikToker's total bill for the Lego dump came to around £250, being that a lot of the products were on sale.

Sam then tells viewers he intends to sell the toys for around £700, which would give him a £400 profit, describing his savvy hack as a way of making 'easy money'.

And by the sounds of it, the online's star's nifty trick - which has accumulated almost 700,000 views since being uploaded - has divided fans.

One claimed they 'love it' and another described it as 'awesome', whilst a third went on: "At least he doing something and not sitting with the hands in pocket. Well done!! I admire people like that"

Others, however, took a drastically opposing view.

In fact, some spectators have been left so infuriated by Sam's content that they've accused him off sponging off the misery of others.

The TikToker has left some viewers infuriated.

"People on low incomes shop at Asda because it's cheaper. They now have to pay more, so that you can make a profit," one hit out.

Another penned: "So your earning money by making parents buy toys for a more expensive price on Amazon? Are you not a p***k ?"

"What about families and people that have young kids that could be doing with buying it to save money?" asked a third.

And another slammed him: "Well done mate. Making life harder for people".

"Now ino why there’s never no toys left in Asda when I got for bday shopping," a fifth went on.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sam_peth

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