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Shoppers selling Body Shop perfume for over triple the original price after company announces closure of half of its stores

Shoppers selling Body Shop perfume for over triple the original price after company announces closure of half of its stores

The high-street cosmetic retailer will be making cuts in the hope of 're-energising' the brand

The Body Shop perfume is appearing for sale online at triple it's original price as the brand plans to close half of its nationwide stores.

Last week, it was announced that the cosmetics retailer could be entering administration, with over 2,000 of jobs being classed as at risk.

And earlier today (20 February), the heartbreaking speculation was confirmed after reports that the company would be losing almost half of its 198 UK stores.

Half of the franchise's 198 stores have closed down today.
Getty/Daniel Leal

These closures - which also include over 700 head office jobs receiving the chop - are reportedly part of the firm's initiative to 're-energise' the company.

Since the news broke, however, it isn't just the high-street closures and job cuts that have British citizens reeling - it's the fact that they might soon be unable to go to their nearest store to purchase some of their favourite beauty products.

Amongst the plethora of best-selling items that the superstore - which entered into administration last week, just months after being bought by German company Aurelius - has on offer, are their perfumes.

The company is renowned for its cruelty-free, ethically-sourced products.
Daniel Leal/Getty

On top of this, many favourite scents have been discontinued over the years, and with such a huge number of branches shutting down, shoppers are concerned they might never get their hands on these perfumes again.

With this in mind, those who've bought these products in bulk - or who managed to nab the fragrances before they were ceased - have opted to sell their items online for a staggeringly high price.

In fact, some eBay sellers are attempting to flog the perfumes for over triple the price.

The perfumes are being re-sold for triple the price.

One second-hand user is selling 200ml bottles of the discontinued and apparently rare scent 'Modern Musk' for as much as £238 on the online auction house.

Another is selling a same-sized bottle of 'White Musk' for £190, whilst a third is hoping to get £99.99 for a 100ml bottle of 'Smoky Rose'.

Discontinued 60ml bottles of Sun Glow are retailing on eBay for as much as £89.99.

And by the sounds of it, it's not just discontinued perfume that Body Shop customers are prematurely morning.

This Body Shop Sun Glow perfume is marked at £85.

After the closure announcement was made this morning, many shoppers have taken to social media to reveal what else they're going to miss.

"Wow that’s sad. I love their coconut body butter and lip balm," one penned.

Another wrote, "This is what happens when you discontinue Dewberry,"

While a third added: "Loved Dewberry as a teenager it was my favourite."

Featured Image Credit: Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/eBay

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