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Molly-Mae Hague 'mum-shamed' after admitting she's having a smooth pregnancy

Molly-Mae Hague 'mum-shamed' after admitting she's having a smooth pregnancy

Molly recently opened up about her third trimester in a YouTube video.

Molly-Mae Hague has been 'mum-shamed' online after discussing her pregnancy in a new YouTube video.

Molly, 23, took to her channel to discuss how she's been finding the third trimester, but she's since been criticised for her comments.

You can watch the video below:

In the video, Molly explains: "I don't want to go on about it too much, the fact that I've had such an incredible smooth journey with my pregnancy because I know that's not the case for a lot of women through pregnancy.

"But the only way I can describe it is that I feel like my body was literally made to grow a child, I have never felt more natural.

"I can't explain it, I feel like my body was made to do this and was built to grow a child - it's been that smooth and amazing."

She added: "I don't want to sound big headed but it's been so easy this journey that I feel that my body was ready to do this all along.

"It must have been like 'can I have a child to grow now', like it was always calling for this."

Molly-Mae discussed her pregnancy in a new video.
YouTube/Molly-Mae Hague

While heaps of followers praised Molly for sharing her positive experience - with many pointing out that more positive stories were needed surrounding pregnancy and birth - others were critical.

One person commented: "I think in general the way you talk about pregnancy is great as I think the topic has a lot of fear surrounding it and negativity. It’s nice to hear a positive story.

"However, the only thing I have an issue with is suggesting you’re built to have a child because ur pregnancy is smooth 'it’s been so easy I must have been made for it'.

"So women that have a tough pregnancy aren’t built/made for it like you? To be completely scientific morning sickness is a sign of a healthier pregnancy. Just slightly offensive to women who are really suffering, comes across like there’s something wrong with them."

Followers were divided over Molly-Mae's comments on her pregnancy.

Many were quick to defend Molly, however, with one fan writing: "So glad you’ve had a beautiful journey through your pregnancy, and yes it’s so important to talk about the good parts it doesn’t make you big headed. So excited for you, you’re gonna do amazing!"

And another said: "Good on you for having an easy pregnancy. I've had severe morning sickness for all 4 of my pregnancies and it's refreshing to hear."

"It's comforting to hear a positive pregnancy experience because we are so used to hearing the horror stories," added a third.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Instagram/@mollymae

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