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Man slammed for refusing to take heavily pregnant girlfriend to the hospital

Man slammed for refusing to take heavily pregnant girlfriend to the hospital

The soon-to-be father has sparked outrage online over his confession

One man has been slammed online for refusing to take his heavily pregnant girlfriend to the hospital.

The soon-to-be father revealed that he's 'frustrated' with his girlfriend over her health concerns and has since caused outrage for his subsequent treatment towards her.

With the baby due less than a month away at the beginning of May - thousands are rushing in to share their concern over the man's shocking confession.

One man has been slammed for refusing to take his heavily pregnant girlfriend to the hospital.

The man took to Reddit to share how he's faring now that his girlfriend is eight months pregnant.

On a sub-Reddit thread titled 'Am I the A**hole', the man titled his qualm asking if he was wrong 'for telling [his] girlfriend that [he's] not going to drop everything to take her to the hospital anytime she feels any discomfort?'

He went on to explain that there's a six-year age-gap between himself, 27, and his partner, 21.

"This pregnancy has been nothing short of chaotic," he began.

The 27-year-old continued: "My girlfriend has never experienced pregnancy and she’s terrified to give birth, so any feeling of discomfort she freaks out.

"I understand that pregnancy is hard and scary, and my girlfriend doesn’t have her family around to help her, so she’s probably experiencing a lot of anxiety."

While he admitted he wasn't trying to 'downplay' his girlfriend's experience, he did reveal that he has been left 'frustrated' over her needing his help.

The man claimed his girlfriend was 'taking advantage' of him.
Christian Erfurt / Unsplash

He wrote: "I feel like she’s taking advantage of the fact that she can get me to do things for her just because she’s pregnant."

The Redditer went on to detail a recent fight that they got in, when the girlfriend 'insisted that she didn’t feel good', and that 'something was wrong with the baby'.

Clearly concerned for both her child's health and her own, the soon-to-be mum was eager to get to the hospital and 'make sure everything was okay'.

This, however, was clearly an issue for the boyfriend.

He continued: "We’ve been to the hospital for this kind of 'emergency' almost four times since the beginning of her pregnancy.

"I had to go to work because we are severely understaffed, so I told her that if she still didn’t feel good tonight we could go make sure everything was okay."

The man went on to explain that his girlfriend 'got upset' with him and told him he didn't 'take her pain serious'.

"I told her that I can’t drop everything any time she feels any discomfort," he added, "pregnancy is uncomfortable."

He went on to claim that his girlfriend was being 'manipulative' after noting that she doesn't open up to him about her pregnancy anymore.

Thousands have flocked to the comments to slam the man for his post.

"She’s withholding information about my child because I didn’t drop everything to take her to the hospital, again," he wrote.

The man ended his confession saying that his girlfriend is treating him like he's the 'a**hole'.

"But," he concluded, "I feel like she isn’t seeing how frustrated and tired I am from dropping everything for her."

The post has since racked up thousands of comments and the general consensus is that this guy was most definitely the 'a**hole' in the situation.

One Reddit user commented: "I've been pregnant three times. The rule of thumb is if you're worried at all, even if it feels dumb, you get checked out.

"The medical staff always prefer that you go in over nothing, rather than leave it too late with something. Screw this guy."

A second called the man a 'manipulative monster' while a third wrote: "What an awful person."

"This is so f***ed and terrifying," a final Reddit user added, "this poor woman is trapped with this man."

What do you make of it?

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