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Man sparks debate after admitting he refused to give up his seat for a pregnant woman

Man sparks debate after admitting he refused to give up his seat for a pregnant woman

The man refused to give up his seat at a high school graduation to the pregnant woman.

A man has sparked debate online after he refused to give up his seat for a pregnant woman.

We are certainly taught growing up that we should help those in society that are more vulnerable than ourselves.

Whether that is giving up your seat on the bus for the elderly or helping a pregnant woman carry a bunch of shopping.

It is just common courtesy for a lot of us, but this man claims he has a valid excuse when it comes to refusing to give us his front-row seat at a high school graduation to a pregnant woman.

Taking to the 'AmItheA**Hole' Reddit forum recently, the man explained: "My nephews both graduated from high school this morning and I wanted to sit up front so I camped out a bit in front of the entrance.

"I brought my folding camping chair and my headphones to listen to my show."

The incident took place at a high school graduation.

He continued: "About 40 minutes before the school would let us inside, a pregnant woman got next to me since somebody let her in line (I assume her partner).

"She asked me within 5 minutes (politely admittedly) if she could have my chair as she was going to have trouble standing the whole time. I said no, sorry I need it more (bad feet/knees) and went back to my things."

But that wasn't the end, as the woman asked just minutes later, according to the unnamed man.

"She asked me again within 2 minutes and the answer was the same," he continued.

"She however got a little mad at me and said that she was going to be struggling the whole time and asked her partner to tell me.

"He asked me himself (politely) and I again responded that sorry but I need it more and suggested she could wait in their car or just sit in the ground."

He then looked for advice from the Reddit community after what the woman's partner said to him.

He concluded: "At this point, the husband directly called me an a**hole but left me alone. Am I the a**hole?"

The comment section to the Reddit post is certainly favouring the man's side.

The pregnant woman asked more than once for the seat, according to the man.

One in the man's camp wrote: "You refused to give up the chair you brought because you needed it due to your own health conditions. I do feel for the woman, but she and her partner should have brought their own chairs and not assumed they were entitled to yours."

A second agreed: "If your pregnant and going to wait for over half hour, come prepared and don’t expect strangers with possible problems of their own to give up their seat."

Meanwhile, a third remarked: "I am pregnant currently, and would never ask this. Public seat on a bus or restaurant waiting area? Yeah… you might seem rude if you don’t give up your seat. But that’s your own chair you brought."

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