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Man Hailed A 'Hero' After His Response To Guest Wearing White At Wedding

Man Hailed A 'Hero' After His Response To Guest Wearing White At Wedding

People are loving this guy's reaction.

A man has been hailed a hero after he had a rather extreme reaction to a guest wearing white at a wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the man - who was the brother of groom - explained his 'venomous' mother decided to wear a white frilly dress to the big day. But, he was having none of it.

The man has been hailed a hero (

"Last month, my brother got married to the woman he has spent the last 7 years of his life with. My sister-in-law is a wonderful woman and I am more than happy for the two of them," he began.

"Well, my mother being the venomous demon she is decided that one of the most important days in her oldest child's life MUST be made about her in some way.

"She showed up in an incredibly frilly white bridal dress. Her dress was much more of a bridal dress than the bride's that day as well. She was the talk of the whole event, for all the wrong reasons mind you.

"My brother didn't even know if she would show up after a previous meltdown of hers, but he didn't even know what to do when he walked down the aisle to see her sitting in the front row. My SIL looked livid as well when she saw her."

The mum was forced to change (

The man went on to explain how, at the reception following the ceremony, he 'knew' his mum would ruin the day.

"I decided to take one for the team," he continued.

"We were served glasses of red wine at lunch, and I asked for mine to be filled to the brim. I walked over to where my mother was sitting and 'tripped' dousing her perfect white dress.

"I nearly got on my knees grovelling to apologize and she missed the lunch and much of the first half of the reception driving back home (4 hour round trip) to change into the dress my brother had originally bought for her. Lucky for me, no one cared but my mother. The maid of honour even ended up slipping me a text right after the scene telling me that I deserve an Oscar for my performance."

The couple were grateful (

The brother explained that while he didn't plan on posting and 'bragging' about his actions, he had just received a bottle of red wine from his new sister-in-law, with a card that read: "Enjoy the best bottle of wine I could find, for the best wedding gift you could have given us."


And Redditors were impressed with the move. One person wrote: "I really enjoyed that read. I'm sorry the bride and groom had to put up with the mother's shiz, but I'm glad the OP took it into [his] hands to teach Mum a lesson."

While another said: "You're my fu**ing hero! Salute to you 🥂 on putting your mom in her place. Has she been nasty to you about the 'accident'?"

And a third added: "You, good sir, are a hero. Enjoy that well-deserved wine."

While a fourth said: "You are truly a hero, may we all aspire to be like you."

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