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Woman reveals everything she ended up buying for £80 in an abandoned suitcase

Woman reveals everything she ended up buying for £80 in an abandoned suitcase

She took to TikTok to share the mega haul from a suitcase abandoned at London Heathrow

A woman who spent £80 on someone else's lost luggage has revealed what she found inside after her followers warned her it was a 'total scam'.

Thrift queen Becky, who goes by the handle @beckysbazaar online, took to TikTok to share with her 245.3k followers exactly what she got in the haul and it's pretty incredible.

Becky began by telling viewers she had purchased the 'somebody's lost luggage' from London Heathrow Airport and was eager to find out whether the £80 she spent on it was a 'scam' or not.

Becky’s Bazaar took to TikTok to share the mega haul. (TikTok/@beckysbazaar)
Becky’s Bazaar took to TikTok to share the mega haul. (TikTok/@beckysbazaar)

The first items on top of the suitcase were anti-itch cream and some brand-new underwear.

Not off to a great start, but hey ho.

Underneath those bits were a bunch of 'stunning' traditional dresses and outfits alongside a 'couple of cute tops', three pairs of pyjama bottoms and a black bag from Primark.

Becky continued: "Then there was absolutely hundreds of period pads in this bag."

Carrying on with the rummaging, Becky discovered 'probably one of the best clothing items' in the suitcase which was a Tommy Hilfiger coat.


Not off to a great start. (TikTok/@beckysbazaar)
Not off to a great start. (TikTok/@beckysbazaar)

There was also a 'tonne of makeup thrown in there' too including the Maybelline Skyhigh mascara, some ELF primer, a nail care kit, some half-used cotton pads and a 'very dirty' beauty blender.

Becky also found some 'pretty cool' vintage Lee jeans, a couple of brand-new-with-tags H&M t-shirts and a dress which still had the tags on originally for $98.

She also got 'so excited' to happen upon a Guess bag but it was, unfortunately, fake.

"I found some moisturiser inside and this Chipotle receipt from New York Fifth Avenue," Becky added.

Admitting she was 'so skeptical' about buying the lost luggage, the TikToker finished up: "Most of the reviews say it's a scam.

"Not sure what I think - it's a little strange there's no socks or shoes and other things that you need for a holiday in this case."

People have since rushed in to share their reactions to the haul with one TikTok user hitting out: "I would not pay £80 for that."

"Can you imagine the owner seeing this video!" penned a second, while a third chimed in: "This is wild but I really couldn’t rifle through a worn suitcase."

A fourth praised: "The case is worth more than £80 so that’s a win straight away!"

"Mmmm really don’t like the idea of this! I’d be mortified," admitted a final TikTok user.

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/beckysbazaar

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