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Woman Shares 'Looking Loudly' Technique To Help If You Lose A Child

Woman Shares 'Looking Loudly' Technique To Help If You Lose A Child

A woman on TikTok shared a PSA for parents in case their lose a child in a public place.

A TikToker has shared important tips for finding children who become lost or separated from their parents or carers in public places and encouraged adults to use the "looking loudly" technique if they are struggling to find their child.

But what is "looking loudly", you ask?

Watch the video below:

Mum-of-three Jess Lynn, who posts with the username @jesmartini, urged all parents to watch the video. “Every parent/caregiver stop and watch this!” she wrote in the video’s caption.

“Here’s a video I think all teachers, parents, caregivers, nannies… anyone who is regularly responsible for children should hear.”

She explains that she shared a similar video several months ago which led to parents sending her messages to thank her for sharing the important tips, which led to her making a follow-up with details about "looking loudly".

TikToker Jessica shared tips for parents in the event they lose their child in a public setting (

The TikToker also reflected on using the ‘looking loudly’ technique in real life after a mum with a two-year-old child in a busy mall.

Thankfully the mum and her child were reunited after the child was spotted “on the other side of the mall”.

The video has been viewed 99,700 times since it was posted in early February this year. Parents and child carers on the video sharing app have shared and responded to Jessica’s story, with over 1500 shares and 10,600 likes.

Some parents were left in tears after watching Jessica’s important PSA video.

One mum shared: “I cry every time I see this, I got lost all the time as a kid, grocery store, mall, Disneyland, county fair &now with kids of my own it scares me”.

Parents shared their own stories in the comments (

Another mum wrote: “This makes me cry every time! Just the thought of having to do this one day makes me cry! But soooo thankful for the knowledge if needed one day”.

A third shared their own story after they lost their child in a supermarket. “My daughter walked away from me in Walmart one time. My heart sunk to my feet when I saw her walking the opposite direction of me with a stranger.”

While another parent said: “I had to do this last summer when we were outside at a Touch a Truck event. Thankfully, there were fire and police personnel present and he was found”.

This is such an important message!

Featured Image Credit: @jesmartini/TikTok

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